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Russia - Rossiya - Russian Federation - Росси́йская Федера́ция, Rossiyskaya
Russia - Rossiya - Russian Federation - Росси́йская Федера́ция, Rossiyskaya
Shamefully one of the top search results is for a website created by a mentally sick individual who we don't envy, needed more help than even an extraterrestrial doctor could offer http://churchofufology-sunshine.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/emmanuel.html who has hideously taken this entire document out of context and re wrapped it in his bible bs ripped from "Essence of the Notes" by Maurice Osborn, demonstrating that the Plejaren were right in the special way they have gone about doing certain things, and you ought to sit up about it, its a very serious mental condition.</small></ref>
Shamefully ripped from "Essence of the Notes" by Maurice Osborn, for this website http://churchofufology-sunshine.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/emmanuel.html</small></ref>
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This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document.


Prophetien und Voraussagen Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1

  • Contact Reports Volume / Issue: 1 (Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1)
    [Contact No. 1 – 38 from 28.1.1975 to 13.11.1975] Source

  • Prophecies and Predictions {Book} (Prophetien und Voraussagen) Source
    Prophetic statements and predictions of coming events in the world since 1976.
    Prophecies Telepathically received from the PETALE Spirit Plane by Billy.
    Probability Calculations Prophecies Predictions transmitted by Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah
    In personal conversations with Billy. Including Probability Calculations Predictions From his own Calculations by Billy.
  • Page number(s): TBC
  • Date/time of contact: Monday, 5th May, 1975
  • Translator(s): 'gaiaguys'
  • Date of original translation: TBC
  • Corrections and improvements made: Formatting and small translation corrections.
  • Contact person: Semjase


Semjase explains something about the future.

This is an excerpt from the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 17 Translation

English German
17th Contact – Monday, 5th May, 1975 Siebzehnte Kontakt - Montag, 5. May 1975
Semjase: Semjase:
62. Your Earth is nearing the end of an era development segment, and a new one is approaching about which I have spoken already once before. 62. [Please help us add the original German text so that we can complete the translation work]
63. Your present earthly generation is witness of this radical change, and many people will try to take advantage of it in religious and materialistic manner. 63.
64. Therefore, be on guard about frauds and charlatans like the one named Adamski. 64.
65. Of this type many exist, and they use every means in order to make a profit. 65.
66. They elevate us to beings of perfection, but which we in truth are not, because we are human beings like you and we are as fallible as you Earth humans are. 66.
67. Of this you should always be aware. 67.
68. I explain this for a reason, because now I want to say several things, about which you have asked me some time ago already: 68.
69. You asked me about the future, which I should predict. 69.
70. I did not do this, because I first wanted to discuss this point with the others, as such pointer of the future often contain dangers, because Man is not able to handle them. 70.
71. But now we have come to the conclusion that I should mention general matters, which refer to your homeland. 71.
72. Since you specifically asked for predictions of the future, I would still like to give the following explanation, so that no misunderstanding occurs: 72.
73. We know two possibilities to view the future. 73.
74. The one possibility is this, that we travel into the future via material or via spiritual means and observe and register the events of the time concerned at their very location, as I have done this, for example, with Mr. J.[1] 74.
75. This type we call a direct viewing of the future. 75.
76. The second possibility is that of a calculated combined viewing, as this is partially also practised among you and is known by the term or the designation of clairvoyance. 76.
77. This type of viewing the future is doubtful and beset with errors also with us and does not exclude erroneous observations and erroneous descriptions. 77.
78. Therefore if I now make a prediction for your home nation, this factor should not be overlooked: 78.
79. 1) Wild water- and snow masses will claim many deaths during this year (1975) in Switzerland and will cause damages in the millions in addition to devastating destruction. 79.
80. In this regard alone, this will be a very eventful year. 80.
81. 2) The increasing road traffic will claim many lives in the coming years to the degree and especially in the cities, that larger places and cities will issue hard prohibitions and penalties for traffic within city limit. 81.
82. Traffic will be totally prohibited in large centers of cities and places. 82.
83. Only public transportation companies will have the right to operate in centres of these places. 83.
84. 3) Due to the megalomaniac and autocratic absurdity of the citizens, Switzerland will fall into a severe isolation, which will cause several crises. 84.
85. The reputation of the nation will be damaged to a great extent and the citizens of the nation will be condemned. 85.
86. 4) Times of great unrest will roll across the nation and cause great confusion. 86.
87. Criminality especially will get out of hand and demands its tribute. 87.
88. Voices will be heard again to reinstate the death penalty, and several penal laws will necessarily have to be tightened, even if often they in and of themselves are illogical and primitive. 88.
89. Theft, murder, manslaughter and criminality within the economy will play decisive roles. 89.
90. 5) The economic situation in Switzerland will deteriorate further and will climb to an evil zenith, in which honest citizens commit confused actions and will break the law. 90. [Bitte helfen Sie uns, die ursprüngliche deutsche Text hinzufügen, so dass wir die Übersetzungsarbeit abschließen können]
91. Suicides, stemming from this situation, will not be a rarity. 91.
92. 6) From this year on, many people will be rapidly exposed to psychic burdens, which they are not able to bear. 92.
93. Due to this fact, many of such people will resort to suicide, and the number of those will jump steadily upwards. 93. [S'il vous plaît nous aider à ajouter du texte original allemand, afin que nous puissions achever les travaux de traduction]
94. 7) The political situation within and without will create severe problems and confusion. 94.
95. The present administration will remain in office, but it will unpleasantly begin to ferment. 95.
96. 8) The Swiss currency will sink in value, and due to important foreign influences will be forced into a downward course, which may be able to correct itself during the year 1976, when a changed administration will correct the fault. 96.
97. 9) As place to drug traffic for Europe, Switzerland will make history, and despite more severe laws being practised many of these will be much too illogical and imperfect, in order to halt the actions of drug criminality. 97.
98. 10) For some period of time, Switzerland will lose its good reputation of being the ‘Golden Land’ and of being a paradise for tourism. 98. [U kunt ons helpen de oorspronkelijke Duitse tekst toe te voegen, zodat we kunnen het vertaalwerk te voltooien]
99. Especially the steady climb in prices up to 1976 will carry the blame for it, and this alongside the snobbish and autocratic behaviour of the citizens. 99.
100. 11) Religious insanity of all types will reap an abundant as well as deadly harvest among uncountable Swiss citizens. 100.
101. The insanity will not only be promoted by the religions, but also by the local administrative authorities, because they fear that the masses of the people would become rebellious and uncontrollable, a mass which begins to think and which could rise up against the enslavement. 101. [Por favor ayúdenos a añadir el texto original en alemán, por lo que podemos completar el trabajo de traducción]
102. These are my predictions for your homeland and for the next years. 102.
103. And are you satisfied with it? 103.
Billy: Billy:
Yes, of course, Semjase, this is much more than I had expected. Ja, natürlich, Semjase, das ist viel mehr, als ich erwartet hatte.
Semjase: Semjase:
104. But be aware, that this type of predictions may be subject to certain changes or that they could contain errors. 104.
105. They are not the result of a direct material or spiritual viewing of the future, but only the product of a calculated combined viewing, as is also practised by your clairvoyants. 105.
106. A direct material or spiritual viewing of the future, however, the great mass of your humanity would not be able to receive and to bear, wherefore I am not allowed to give it. 106.

Further Reading


  • Translated by gaiaguys, represents an English translation of the first 218 pages of the 431 page German language book, Prophetien und Voraussagen. (Prophecies and Predictions). Contact Report 17 was included with this book.
  • Omitted from the translated book are pages 219-431, being excerpts from Contacts 155,182, 232, 235, 237, 238, 241, 242, 243, 246, 247, 248 and 251. Contact Reports can be read on this website under the Contact Reports section.


  1. This may represent the name Jitschi Ustinow. Askets time travel with Billy and Jitschi took place on 2nd February, 1956. They travelled to a location near Jerusalem but in the past. This contact was retransmitted to Billy with Askets help on the 5 day space voyage with Semjase and Ptaah. This occurred when Billy visited Asket in the Dal Universe in 1975. This may have been during Billy's 31st contact on Thursday July 17, 1975 Contact Report 31. They met him in the Jordanian Mountains during the year of 1956. He was a Russian citizen who had taken it upon himself to travel about alone and dig for things. Apparently he had a very hard life in his earlier youth and came to mistrust all humans until he met up with Akset and Billy. Asket and Billy had come upon his camp one night while they were walking. It turned out he was able to speak German which allowed Billy to understand him, because at the time Billy didn't speak much English. Through the course of events Jitschi was allowed to accompany Asket and Billy on various time travels. Many times during these experiences it was almost too much for Jitschi and one time he completely passed out. This also accounts for Billy punching Jitschi, when they were in the presence of Jmmanuel, because of his uncontrolled outbursts. Jitschi was told by Asket never to reveal any of this to anyone. He died I think in 1996 or 1997 and he apparently never spoke a word to anyone about his experiences for the remainder of his life. Much of this can be read about in the original contact notes and a more detailed description exists in the book "From the Depths of Outer Space" which was mentioned earlier. http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/3340.html?1166482825#POST6891

    Jitschi - Jechieli - Iljitsch - Ustinow - Ustinov.
    Russia - Rossiya - Russian Federation - Росси́йская Федера́ция, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.

    Shamefully ripped from "Essence of the Notes" by Maurice Osborn, for this website http://churchofufology-sunshine.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/emmanuel.html