Bigfoot or Sasquatch

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Extract from Contact Report 260


My next question: Yeti, Big Foot, and Sasquatch, these are three beings of which there is talk over and over again. For quite some time, there has particularly been talk again about the Sasquatch-being in Florida’s swamps in the Everglades. Again and again, people appear in public, who claim that they would have observed such prehistoric human beings. Can one believe these statements?


223. Some statements are actually true, others are based on deceit, and still others are based on making oneself important or on simple fibbing.

224. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that these beings still actually exist.


You’ve clarified this?


225. It wouldn’t be right to say that there is no doubt in the existence of the beings if we didn’t have exact knowledge in this regard.

Extract from Contact Report 009

144. They created mutated beings, each according to their own race as well as variously completely new forms of life, those which were of dwarf like stature, gigantic and the animal-like beings.

Q: Has Todd Standing recorded two different types on film in north America and recorded their voices in his documentary "Discovering Bigfoot"?

A: It can be watched on Netflix, Google play and YouTube's paid service. This documentary is well worth watching. There are other Bigfoot investigative groups who have recorded voices and images, we are not sure about the veracity of all of them and we agree with what Ptaah has said in Contact Report 260. Watch "Discovering Bigfoot" by Todd Standing.

Q: Does this being have a consciousness-evolution spirit-form like human beings, unlike an animal, more like a human being?

A: From the small quantity of footage and testimony we have investigated, it may very well yes have a consciousness-evolution spirit-form like a human being, however we are not the experts the Plejaren are, this has not been confirmed by Billy and Plejaren, from what we have looked at on the FIGU forum Q&A with Billy Meier, but there are several decades of information, it may have been confirmed we have not checked thoroughly, there is lots of information about these beings explained over the years. There is however another type of evolution applicable to higher-animals which is defined as intelligence-evolution, and this may in some occasions develop really quite highly and to some extent an animal may have human-like characteristics, especially with such limited available evidence and behavior observation. Some in FIGU think the the Sasquatch may be human i.e. consciousness-evolution spirit-form. If this is the case then Mr Todd Standing and others are dealing with quite a different thing than an animal. Mr Todd Standing seems to be apparently aware of various acknowledgments associated with dealing with a being with a consciousness-evolution. Some other in FIGU think it may be a particularly well evolved animal. There is plenty of information spanning decades in FIGU about it, very interesting subject.