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American look-alikes on subsequently forged Billy Meier photographs

Billy Meier: The End? The Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier is finally exposed as a fraud. To this conclusion came an American TV Special, produced in collaboration with Meier critic Kal Korff. The presentation appears to be scheduled for worldwide broadcast in May 1998.

With these words begins the article on "Billy Meier – New Comments and Confessions" in UFO Kurier magazine No. 43, May 1998.

The article claims that photographs of Asket and Nera, which Billy took inside a Pleiadian/Plejaran jumbo spaceship at 9 p.m. on June 26, 1975[1], are forgeries, every one of them. All of this is indeed correct---they are forgeries!---but the forgeries were viciously generated by someone else's hand, not by Billy.

Of course, the fact that Asket/Nera photos which, until now, were considered genuine, appear to be forgeries instead, has provided the perfect opportunity for Billy's adversaries to pounce upon this information like vultures who intend accordingly to exploit the situation to the last drop. Finally, they believe, they have found something that exposes Billy as a fraud and which can be used to "blow the case out of the water." It is their bad luck, however, that they did not take into account the truth, which, in reality, differs completely from what the self-proclaimed "debunkers" of the "forged Billy Meier photos" could have ever imagined or dreamed.

In their frenzy to show off and make a name for themselves as "Billy Meier debunkers," and without ever suspecting it, the two initiators who uncovered these forgeries set into motion significant repercussions. The consequences will prove extremely positive for the Billy Meier Case and will help countless people consciously realize the urgency, credibility, and extreme importance of the Billy Meier mission. At the very least, this turn of events will prompt many people to reconsider their personal investigation into this "case".

Kal Korff and Luc Bürgin apparently inaugurated a blood brotherhood in their quest to destroy Billy Meier. Together they have produced an interview with P., in which they, as usual, declared that FIGU is a sect and its FIGU membership is made up of Billy-faithful and Billy-followers. In May/July 1998 they intend to broadcast a worldwide TV special in which they will present to the world "Billy Meier, the fraud." Through statements by P. who, in the meantime has attempted to support her own questionable credibility through several personal retaliatory campaigns, Korff and Bürgin believe they have unearthed an important witness and defamation source against Billy Meier. But they are simply forgetting that P. herself put down in writing several very important statements after she had witnessed her own experiences and the sightings, all of which she declared was the complete truth. Now, it seems, she simply is recanting her own written affidavits---and thus implicates herself as a liar.

In the name of rendering a service to Billy Meier's adversaries, Korff and Bürgin assume they have found the holy grail through these forged Asket/Nera photographs---but this is simply not the case. On the contrary.

The circumstances under which the manipulation of these photographs came about are truly outrageous. Yet, they provide clear evidence of Billy's importance as a genuine contactee for the truly honest, searching, investigating, impartial people who are willing to learn. Likewise---because of his contacts with the extraterrestrial Pleiadians/Plejarans---his pictures demonstrate the danger he represents to certain scheming and cunning people, UFO debunkers, UFO terrorists, forgers of UFO material, and Billy Meier adversaries.

Here then are the facts: Photographs, which actually should have shown the images of Asket and Nera inside a spacecraft, were manipulated in 1975 by S., a photographer who claimed he was from the Rhinevalley region in Switzerland. By retouching, recopying, and "sandwiching" separate sequences, S. adapted and arranged the photos to look the same as Billy's originals (which no longer exist now). These forgeries were done so perfectly, that not even Billy noticed the adulterations over the past 23 years, since the two female look-alikes in the photos have an extremely close resemblance to Asket and Nera, right down to the last detail.

In the 39th Contact Report, which was recorded at 1:37 a.m. on December 3, 1975 (see Semjase Contact Report Block #4, page 623 of the German edition with the brown cover), Ptaah pointed out that two women who look much like Asket/Nera live in the USA:

Ptaah: It was rather extraordinary that you were given permission to take photos of Asket and Nera, since we have discovered terrestrial females who resemble them very closely and who, interestingly enough, also work together in a community of interests.

Billy: Boy, that's a shame. But the women, the doubles of Asket and Nera, where are they?

Ptaah: In Americaland.

Billy: Can you tell me their address and other details about them?

Ptaah: I would rather not do so for various reasons.

In the autumn of 1984 Asket ordered reprints of the photos Billy had taken, and upon their receipt, she declared that they were forgeries. As a consequence of his grave accident two years prior in 1982, Billy was no longer able to remember these important points, which were not recorded in writing during the years immediately following his accident. That's the reason how this situation could have transpired over the many years and why Billy simply overlooked the circumstances surrounding the forgery of these photographs. His oversight was completely due to his life-threatening state of health at the time, which was linked to partial amnesia. Otherwise he would have, beforehand, taken the appropriate measures against these forging schemes by the "Men in Black" organization and against Mr. S., the photographer.

Now, for the first time and through the efforts of Billy's assiduous adversary Kal Korff and his team, some photographs have turned up which depict the two American look-alikes during a TV Show who were mentioned in the 39th Contact Report. Both young women performed together with a dance group in the 1970s, just as Ptaah had stated in 1975. Old recordings still exist of the two as they performed on a Dean Martin TV Show. Single shots from this American TV performance were utilized by photographer S. to manipulate Billy's pictures to the point were they no longer depicted Asket and Nera but the two young performers-Asket and Nera's look-alikes. This scheme was expedited when the "Men in Black" found the two doubles in America and used them to misappropriate the photographs from the TV program for these malevolent machinations-probably even without the women ever knowing about the adulterations of the pictures.

And yet, it would be inappropriate to launch any accusations against photographer S. According to information provided by Ptaah at 0:55 a.m. on May 14, 1998, S. was very harshly threatened and pressured by the "Men in Black" into adulterating Billy's photos on their behalf. Mr. S. had no alternative other than to comply with them.

The "Men in Black" seemed to speculate that the altered pictures, and the doubles shown in these forged photos, would eventually be discovered more than two decades later by Billy's adversaries and be used against Billy. The objective was to publicly present them as forgeries and to then debunk Billy as the fraud behind the scheme.

Since the "Men in Black" organization could not get to Billy personally after eleven assassination attempts, they severely pressured others who worked with him-such as the above-mentioned photographer S.-into discrediting Billy. And so they planned their long-term schemes and defamations in great detail, with the result that the consequences of their machinations would not show up until much later. To this end, the "Men in Black" forced S. to produce the forgeries of photos Billy had taken with permission of the Pleiadians/Plejarans. On several occasions S. either completely forged the actual pictures he had received from Billy or he replaced them with forgeries. In this manner Billy frequently received false negatives or forged photos from S. even from the time of his initial contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejarans. Photographer S. has died in the interim and can, therefore, no longer provide any details about these machinations.

Never was it easy for Billy Meier to find a trustworthy photographer, one who would be ethical about developing the UFO photos without altering them. Even after the pictures were developed, Billy's photos were not safe from ignoble encroachment by others because those who were entrusted with their safekeeping, such as H.S., adulterated them and then handed out these altered photos as far back as the early contact days. For this reason we, to this day, possess forged pictures which others unknown to us had manipulated in an extremely amateurish way by adding threads and suspension devices to them at later dates.

The earliest photos, which document the first contact with Semjase and were taken on January 28, 1975, in Frecht near Hinwil, were developed by photographer Walder in Hinwil.

Soon afterward a certain Mister S. appeared in Hinwil where Billy Meier lived at the time. In fact, FIGU still has a picture of this man in its files.

Mr. S. was at the time approximately 65 or 70 years old. He told Billy that he had heard of him, had received several Billy Meier UFO photos from a friend and that as a photographer he was, of course, particularly intrigued by the pictures. During the conversation with Billy, Mr. S. insinuated he had his own photo store and offered to develop Billy's UFO pictures. This was the beginning of a nearly 18-month long association during which Billy Meier, in a number of instances, was never given back his original pictures. Mr. S. never told Billy where exactly he had come from nor what his current address was nor any other personal details. He covered his background up by saying that his wife must never find out about his contacts with Billy Meier, for fear she would make 'things very difficult' for him if she ever found out he was offering help to Billy.

One day S. disappeared without a trace and since then never contacted Billy Meier again.

While still acquainted with S., Billy found Mr. Bär, a photographer and TV merchant in Wetzikon and Bauma, a trustworthy person who developed Billy's UFO photos with a kindly attitude and who once stated the following about Billy's pictures: "I don't know anything about UFOs, but the photos are real. You could put me before any court of law and I would tell them the same thing."

Another claim regarding the Asket/Nera photos by the assiduous antagonists, as published in No. 43 of the UFO-Kurier, dated May 1998, is that Billy allegedly photographed his pictures during the Dean Martin Show directly from the TV monitor-which ties into one point all the intentions by the "Men in Black." And yet, this would be such an elementary form of forgery that not even the most idiotic pseudo-contactee would think of it. This obvious lie would probably be noticed even by a child and most certainly by the millions of viewers who had watched this TV production if the photographs, taken from the TV monitor, were suddenly shown in public.

Worth mentioning is another point, namely, the manner in which Billy Meier's first photographs came into being:

His first photos were taken with an old Olympus 35 ECR camera, which he, as a one-armed man, was able to utilize problemfree with only one hand. He bought this somewhat dilapidated camera (its aperture ring was stuck in one position) from his brother, Gottlieb Meier, in January 1975 for CHF 50.–. If, as claimed, the photos had been taken from a color TV monitor in the 1970s, any enlargements of the picture would invariably also show the 3-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three dots. This fact was previously investigated by our photo technician, a printing specialist who worked with tenfold enlargements and other enlargement tasks.

In order to produce photo-sized pictures from a TV unit, Billy would have had to place his Olympus camera directly in front of the TV, since this simple camera possessed neither an automatic light meter nor a zoom lens.

On the Asket/Nera pictures no such color dot grid of the television monitor is detectable that would distort the photos for even a minimal enlargement.

Conclusion: The pictures were forged without Billy Meier's knowledge either by photographer S. directly, or at least with his assistance, after he was severely threatened by the "Men in Black" organization.

The look-alike faces and maybe other features of the two entertainers were copied into Billy's original photos. This fact is obvious to a determined fastidious scrutinizer when abnormalities are observed by making a thorough comparison of the pictures. Obviously, the forgers got a little carried away in their work because they simply forgot to take into consideration the color dots of the cathode tube upon which the previous claim could be based. However, neither round nor square colored light dots can be observed which are still common on TV monitor tubes even today. This invalidates, therefore, the claim that the pictures were photographed from a TV monitor.

Still, the forgers went to great lengths to be painstakingly meticulous in their task. Billy Meier's photo reveals small curls below Asket's earlobes, which were until now cause for wild rumors. Her earlobes, however, cannot be seen on the photo and in reality they are merely a little more than one centimeter longer than a terrestrial human's. On the picture of the revue dancers the two curls are noticeable; they are not earlobes as many people misinterpreted them, but two curls of her hair.

Not until July 1976 did Billy purchase his first color TV unit (brand SABA) from Mr. Bär's Bauma store, whereas the photos of Asket and Nera were taken a year earlier, on June 26, 1975.[2]

Michael Hesemann, the rational ufologist who recognizes the truth, expressed himself with these words about the Asket/Nera photo forgeries:

"Among defamers and know-it-alls, the matter is simply such that the truth is interpreted as a feeble excuse. And yet, when one does not express the truth, one is accused of camouflaging it."

For negators, know-it-alls and defamers you can do whatever you wish, in other words, you can stick to the truth or hide it. You'll never do the right thing by them, because they are determined to negate, know everything better, and defame. The fact is always looked upon as the least likely of the alternatives. This is the way of terrestrials and it cannot be changed.

We will continue selling the photos, albeit with a new caption stating that they depict two American Asket/Nera look-alikes.


Although they were forged by someone else's hand, which we regret of course-at least the photos are embroiled in a situation which makes the investigation into the truthfulness of the Billy Meier Case's content even more interesting and convincing.


  • Actually the 31st contact occurred on the 17th July 1975. It was during this contact lasting several days that photos were taken by Billy of Asket and Nera.
  • Actually the 31st contact occurred on the 17th July 1975. It was during this contact lasting several days that photos were taken by Billy of Asket and Nera.