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If you would like to add more of these info postcard picture meme's, please name them the same and start at number 120 so that the existing images are not overwritten. We're setting a preliminary cap of 300 of these types of images, so please be thoughtful about them. Ideally one might add info on subjects that has not already been presented in this way, and find the relevant page in the Meier Encyclopedia that it would compliment, without repeating i.e. from a source which has not yet been used e.g. from one of the books, or say excerpt the PPKB which has not been translated yet, etc., it's then reinforcing and interesting rather than repetitive, and when it requires interesting research to make, then the reader also finds that research trail interesting to do. They should be smaller selective excerpts ideally - at any rate, these editorial and creative decisions are left entirely to the authors, it's up to you.

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The following artwork would be considered silly by Plejaren,[citation needed] because it is messy, weird and unreal.[citation needed]