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Contact Report 650

Then the following, which would interest me, namely the matter of the little more than 144,000 extraterrestrials who came to Earth from the subsequent peoples of Nokodemion and also died here. Their spirit forms were and are since then on Earth of course always classified as reincarnation, even in bodies of newborn personalities again and again. It must be said, however, that these 144,000 or so people must in no way be associated with the alleged 144,000 'light beings' from the 'Santinians' who are supposed to live on Earth, which, however, corresponds to complete nonsense. Also absurd is the Christian-religious assertion that allegedly 144,000 are 'Chosen' – according to Christian faith, of course, only Christians should be the ones who are therefore favoured by the Christian religion and its sects – who are to be 'deprived' and 'saved' when the world perishes, as already absurdly claimed in the Bible. But what interests me now is: Where do the 144,000 spirit forms enliven today's people, or where do the associated personalities live today who came to Earth about 13,500 years ago? And my question refers only to this 144,000, but not to others of the same number. To my knowledge they would have to be distributed in the today's time over the whole Earth, evenly mostly individually, like that from the Nokodemion-Speicherbank emerges.
4. We have detailed records of this, which lead back to the prophet Henok and which also say exactly what you just said.
5. The little more than 144,000 spirit forms of the then distant descendants from Nokodemion peoples, who immigrated to Earth about 13,500 years ago, exist at present partly in living personalities, which are scattered all over Earth practically in all peoples, whereby they usually live their lives individually.
6. Today there are also a few small groups, but they are really very small and consist of only a few people and are concerned with the 'teaching of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life'.
7. These new personalities have come together in modern times – whose primeval ancestors came to Earth from foreign worlds at an early age – to form small groups from the 144,000 or so Nokodemion peoples, as a result of the missionary spread emanating from you and the FIGU.
8. Thus it is said that these small groupings have arisen from the ongoing mission efforts, whereby among these groupings there are of course not only personalities who come from the 144,0000 or so former successors of Nokodemion, but there are also persons among them who possess pure Earth-created spirit forms, following that they are pure Earth people.
9. But also these – or at least a part of them – are oriented towards the creative-natural laws and commandments as taught by the doctrine, and also with them everything happens apart from religions and sects.
10. In any case, these are our findings, which we have arrived at as a result of our curiosity through clarifications and observations.
11. And it must still be said that of course only a certain part of each of the 144,000 or so spirit forms enlivens new personalities who are in current lives, whereby we assume an estimate of about half in this respect.
So about half, then they are quite thinly sown in the mass Earth humanity of more than 8.5 thousand million.

Contact Report 236

Then I would like to come now however again on the approximately 144,000 Nokodemion peoples Earth immigrants. In this respect, I am still interested in where they settled when they immigrated to Earth? But by this I do not mean those immigrants who came here about 13,500 years ago, whose 144,000 were also about, but those earlier 144,000 who came to Earth 389,000 years ago and already at that time caused disaster and for the most part were withdrawn again. Can you say something about that? I'm also interested in why this number was so important then, if you know about it?
15. Also about this there are exact details in our annals, which I have studied, so I can answer your questions.
16. First, the number of 144,000 people corresponds to a very early norm of a 'emigration power' created by Nokodemion, which was usually led by 228 commanders – although there were seldom small exceptions – who, together with the emigration power, were under the command of an emigration swiss.
17. Such emigration powers were volunteers who idealistically agreed to spend the rest of their lives with early humans on other worlds – as well as on Earth – in order to teach them many helpful things about life management and development.
18. For the first time, such an emigration force was sent out millions of years ago, followed by several more in four galaxies over all times, and thus also into the SOL system and finally to Earth.
19. The last one to Earth was sent according to Earthly time calculation about 13,500 years ago, where the Nokodemion people emigrants on the one hand were to have an instructive effect on Earth people, which they partly did, but on the other hand caused for the most part many calamities, especially with regard to rising up as deities and bringing religions into being.
20. And they did so when they were smuggled into all Earthly peoples and great tribal communities, whereby delusional beliefs in God developed among all peoples, tribes and groups etc. throughout the world, even among wild indigenous tribes.
21. This led to the emergence of religions and sects, which expanded more and more and have survived to the present day and into the third millennium, respectively, and will continue to do so for a very long time to come.
22. All those of these extraterrestrial immigrants who remained on Earth also died there, and since then their spiritual forms have also reincarnated and will continue to reincarnate on Earth, precisely in ever new personalities of newly born Earth humans.
23. So the 144,000 emigrants and their superiors and leaders were integrated worldwide as instructors into all existing Earthly peoples and large tribes as well as various groups in which they had to act as instructors.
24. And like I said:
25. Many also fulfilled this obligation and thus led Earth humanity in technical, medical and scientific regard on a higher level, however always in accordance with the possibilities prevailing at that time and also further on Earth.
26. In this way everything has been carried and developed since then up to the present time, consequently by the descendants of the old extraterrestrial immigrants from the Nokodemion descendants who came to Earth – who since then have been born again and again as new personalities and continue to be born -, innovations in medicine and technology etc., as well as new insights and expanded knowledge have been brought and continue to be brought.
27. And many of these distant descendants of the former 144,000 Nokodemion descendants-ethnic-emigrants became and are, as a result of their evolution of consciousness and their abilities of various kinds transferred to them by their total-conscious-blocks, very talented in certain areas and powerful in this respect in progressive innovations which are not yet possible for the pure Earth-created Earth-men.
28. And such persons from the number of 144,000 – as well as various others at other times, but also in the number of 144,000 each – were also the ones whom we, as the authoritative inventors, researchers, physicians, technicians, computer scientists and scientists etc. of certain areas on Earth, taught about knowledge, insights and developments etc. in an apparatus-impulse hypnotic manner and without their knowledge, which was made possible for us by our directives.
29. Therefore, when we committed ourselves to this teaching activity, we were only allowed to take care of the distant descendants of the former immigrants of the Nokodemion descendant peoples who were in active life, but we were not allowed to take care of any pure terrestrial human beings who existed from the ground up.
How often did the Nokodemion descendants of such emigration powers, each comprising 144,000 people, come to Earth? And what would also be of interest to me here would be the number of people who have finally remained on Earth and died there as a whole of these immigrants, so that they were born again on Earth as new personalities and continue to be born? It would really be very interesting to know this, if you have records of it?
30. Such records actually exist in our annals, some of which are directly attributed to the prophet Nokodemion, but also to his successors Henok and Enoch.
31. If for a moment … yes here yes, our annals refer to a number of eight different emigration powers of 144,000 persons each and 228 superiors each, who came to Earth in the course of more than two million years from the Nokodemion descendant peoples.
32. And here is a total number of 1,151,828 people who were involved.
33. Of these persons, 575,914 remained on Earth, died there and are born again with their old reincarnating spirit forms as new personalities.
And these have been decisive since time immemorial with regard to all developments and great achievements of humanity on Earth, are also active in the modern age and will continue to be so in the future. Through their help, in the course of time, many pure Earth humans could also develop to a high level of knowledge and can, consequently, a great deal of progress has been made for some time in all areas and in every respect also by pure Earth humans, I think, isn't it?
34. That's true, but it's still mainly the reborn new personalities of the former Nokodemion descendants who are in the foreground.
Can I understand it, but how did it happen that 144,000 each agreed to give up their highly developed culture and live on Earth with early humans like Homo erectus?
35. On the one hand they were pronounced idealists who were willing to provide development aid, so to speak, as is similarly the case on Earth, where such aid is provided for third world countries, etc. On the other hand, they were also very active in the field of development aid.
Then it kind of rubbed off on Earth humans.
36. One can say so, but on the other hand there were also genetically manipulated refugees from the Sirius regions among the immigrants from the Nokodemion-post-driving peoples, as well as the mistakes and the mistakes. Criminals of the home planets who preferred – instead of being sent into exile, which was extremely drastically and strictly handled – to emigrate with such emigration powers and to be freely instructive to early humans in the manufacture of various products, such as tools and hunting weapons, clothing and food containers, etc.
37. Primitive art, music and all kinds of knowledge were also taught to early man by these immigrants, as well as knowledge concerning the heavenly bodies, medicine concerning medicinal plants, etc., and the use of fire, etc.
And how and where were the distributions of these immigrant persons made among the early Earthly human beings?
38. Small immigrant groups were formed, which were integrated into Earthly early human groups all over the world, while others joined early humans as loners or lived as their own small groups, which then also mixed with the early humans over time.

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Source: forum.figu.org: Your Questions to Billy Meier - Answered (External)

Why are Beamships shaped like a frisbee?

Are Beamships strong? and How original and merited is the design? and Were there manufacturing ideas before manufacturing?

I have a question regarding the beamship designs, I guess the dynamics of the flight is similar to how frisbees fly in the air, but, with an advanced propulsion systems at Plejarans' disposal, aerodynamics would be hardly relevant, especially in space travel. So, my question is, why such designs? Because I'm simply not impressed at all of the "toy-like" shapes of beamships.


The beamship's form existed even before the first idea for manufacturing a frisbee was glimmering in the head of a person in the last century.

According to the Plejarans this form is the most suitable for travelling through space which is not empty, by the way. There are dust particles, gases etc., and the disk-shaped form is very suitable to fix/install their propulsion system.[1]

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