Who funds the Plejaren

Social mobility related question.

The Plejaren social order and social class system is not comparable to any nation on Earth.

Their technological developments, far in advance of ours, has brought down what we would describe as costs, expenses or overheads. To the point where many things can be offered with nature picking up the bill i.e science, rather than the sweat of labourers. However such a system relies on many good values, not abusing privileges, assuming responsibility, duty, calm wise thinking and being reasonable with expectations i.e no hoarding wealth for hoardings sake, or shearing nature back for shearing's sake. They like maintaining an ample everything for all in their planets nature which means keeping their population around half a thousand million, family planning and they have designated areas exclusively for nature i.e no human visitors. They don't run out i.e deplete a resource, like we do and they don't have to have a monetary system in order to price certain commodities away from the majority of the population in order to ensure that the commodity doesn't disappear as most commoditities would disappear quickly on Earth were it not for our monetary system limiting that availability due to the greed-might and overpopulation that exists here.

Their social system has been been described as a wisdom system.[citation needed]

Their personal capabilities are stronger, clearer and more far reaching than ours, due to performing special exercises, educational training and living ten times longer than us i.e longer to cultivate quality intellectual products.

A description of their home worlds histories reveal they experienced a similar time as we are experiencing now on Earth on their own world but that Earth however is abnormal due to the shear speed at which Earth has passed through the same allotment of time.

Their social class system as mentioned above is not fully understood, they treat one another equally however they identify and measure evolution and knowledge in various terms: Jschrisch, Jschwjsch, Andromedan High Council, leaders of fields etc.

Much more is explained about it in Contact Reports.

There has been debate over the last decade as to which nation is most similarly comparable to the Plejaren’s social order. None of them come close to the Plejaren social system, however there has probably been isolated incidents among small groups of individuals from time to time throughout history in isolation where for brief periods of time it has run good courses and been vaguely comparable to certain aspects. However we’ve never had anything at the national level of any sustainable quantity. A classless system tends to becomes possible once a population has invested in science for a sufficient duration and agreed on their Relegeon i.e their realist way of living and working together.

They don't feel there is any need to reinvent the wheel every time a new project is envisaged in order to secure the investment from a billionaire investor to make it appeal and appear more exciting, a better investment, lather up the returns etc. So they can trim down and back many of those things we would designate costs, expenses or overheads because they can just do things simply - they don't have a monetary system.

They don't expect things in return for what they do all the time like we do, perhaps.

What motivates them?
Its been described as a duty, by them, for them. Actually this is a rather good question because its answer links into ancient history as much as it does our future as well as Earth's special human compositional qualities i.e diversities and a bunch of other special, exotic, rare factors. Billy has authored the Books he has because its not a quick answer without creating more questions than answers.

What motivates a religious person to return to God? The answer is probably as mysterious. Apparently if we do the same thing from life to life (incarnations) for thousands of years we develop a tendency or propensity to do those same things again and again in subsequent lives, until a change of course. The Plejaren have for thousands of years and many incarnations visited and monitored many different worlds, so force of habit, they perhaps find themselves compelled to return to a similar arrangement again. In a similarly mysterious way that a religious person runs to God where an atheist observer would find mystery in the strange running to God by the theist. Similarly they have done so for thousands of years and incarnations. It doesn't necessarily matter if scientific education is presented, a return occurs mysteriously. It is also said that Nokodemion as an incarnation where the Plejaren held back and never contacted the personality, for a similar reason began taking up prophet and seer type duties, talents, tendencies and inclinations - because Billy Meier / Nokodemion has this arrangement of tasking in the evolution. So to get back to 'who funds the Plejaren', with these principles under the belt we can see that its irrelevant who or where the funding comes from and how we get through it, because the fact is we do, unless heavily hindered or prevented in doing so.

On Earth we for a long time killed the most talented individuals, which cumulatively resulted in a reduction in uptake of various unspecified life activities. The Plejaren didn't on their worlds, so the social situation is more flexible among them.

The 'stock' i.e quality of the condition of the human, you might say is dramatically more poorer on Earth. There are several factors for that too, including various things like the atmospheric composition 20% oxygen where we've enjoyed 30% for much of those millions of years of previous consciousness development, the evolutionary creative-wesen factors i.e disparity between native and non-native i.e degenerated former extraterrestrial minority and new spirit forms, younger spirit forms etc, the several badly managed previous civilizations, exploded world and most importantly the genetical legacy which abnormally causes us to die 10x more prematurely than would be normal for a human i.e creative-wesen - on Earth exclusively, in a particularly bad way.

All in all, the Plejaren's ideas about funding or facilitating some form of venture / supporting other humans some way - are scaled completely differently to our scaling. The proportions and proportionality, balance and weighing of everything is all different to ours. We do many stupid things we don't even know we do, almost involuntary, and until they reveal those things in the Contact Reports we wouldn't have known and to be fair (eg body completely aged to ruin by just 80 years old) because only a small minority has read the information to date, we still won't know until much later in history as they have explained. The Contact Reports itself won't cause the revolution, the source is irrelevant anyway actually, but when popular cultures eventually overlaps at some time or another with the same principles as the Contact Reports has done, then these gradual changes will unravel, and all in Billy says 800 years, even though were we all reasonable instead of just a small minority, the better situation could have started today even hundreds of years ago actually were it not for all the religions and other factors. We've been ruled by religion up until recently only the last century and most nations still are today and some surprisingly still so. The expansion of original ideas may now probably and finally at last expand which is quite a refreshing thought after all this time.