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Mark said ...

I think everyone is entitled to there own opinion as long as they don't force people into there realm of thought. You can advise, but you have to be patient because some will take time to digest the information. I know when I first read the Contacts I was laughing at some of the absolute hocus pocus that was going on around our planet Earth. I couldn't believe some of it at first but once I got a grasp of how he explains and words things, it began to grow within me.

--Mark 13:18, 16 June 2010 (BST)

Carsch said ...

Hmm, there is to me no wrong way. If we accept that everyone is different and understands things differently, then we'll understand that no one is at fault, that no one is wrong, that no one way is better than the other – that, in reality, it's all a matter of choice. We choose what we know and understand is best for us whether we're right or wrong in our choices. And if another chooses differently, that is their choice, and what is right for them. And that is perfectly fine. If we can accept others for who/what they are, then we’ve learned to accept our own selves.

--Carsch 23:18, 6 July 2011 (BST)

Markvd said ...

In essence as you stated Carsch if they do choose the wrong path and the conceive it as correct they are fine.I wholeheartedly disagree. If you have a foolish leader and all the robots follow then you are screwed.

--Markvd 01:11, 7 July 2011 (BST)

Carsch said ...

You are not screwed until you feel and believe you're screwed. :D

--Carsch 05:49, 9 July 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Belief or the act of believing is a stagnation of evolutionary Awareness; it is an ABSOLUTE frame of thought and/or mind that prevents further growth of one’s Consciousness. History has proven time again how the insanity of beliefs has brought utter destruction for those believing in spite of the contrary proving otherwise.

Take for instance the madness of the Giza Intelligences, believing they could still conquer the Earth in spite of many being aged nearing their end of life, but continue down the path of self-destruction and insanity, just like their counterparts in another part of the DERN universe who constructed that doomsday device which was disarmed by the Plejarens. They too believed in their insane madness of the belief they would prevail over benevolent measures and if not, then do as much destruction as possible.

Then take the military samurai leadership of Japan during the last days of WWII, who still harbored beliefs they could prevail in spite of the two atomic blasts and being surrounded by overwhelming military forces, some committed suicide instead of accepting defeat and learning there are better ways of evolution than war. The same goes to religious beliefs and we can only reference the crazy Islamic extremists who claim suicide bombing is right as well as other religions promoting such ideas.

Belief or believing is dangerous and should be replaced with a more harmonic method of Awareness, at least in being aware, one still has the option(s) of finding new ways to evolve and keeping the original concept as reference to build upon rather than being “stuck” on some type of belief system which often “forces” the environment to conform to its “reality” which often leads to insanity and destruction.

BTW, one is still screwed even if they are not AWARE of it by others taking advantage of their situation for their own benefit, it happens ever day on Earth and has occurring for thousands of years by religious dogmas, yet the masses still believe in god(s) and materials in the bible, Koran and other non-sense

--Hawaiian 06:35, 9 July 2011 (BST)

Carsch said ...

Well, if you're living in a box and you don't know that there is 'outside of the box', then living in a box is not an issue to you....until you realize that there is 'outside of the box' and you decide to explore 'living outside of the box'. Thus, you may be screwed in others' perception of you and your situation. But if in your situation that is not what you perceive, then it is fine.....until you realize your situation yourself.

And yes, people take advantage of others every day. But if you don't know others are taking advantage of you and you have nothing to complain, then you're fine LOL (but i'm serious)…..till you realize what is taking place. No need to worry about something you don’t know or are not aware of.........until the realization or awareness comes to you. To some of us, some indigene people may be leading poor, unhealthy, miserable lives. That may be true for some of us. Yet to these indigenes, their lives may not be what some of us think of them.

Now, I agree that some beliefs can be destructive and limiting as well. However, we must take into consideration that even though this is true, at the same time, there is always choice taking place. We are choosing our experiences – no matter how foolish these may seem to be – with reason and purpose. Progress or evolution is constant. It is working even when we don’t see it working, and in its own pace.

--Carsch 16:17, 9 July 2011 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...


The arrogance of your comments are utterly a useless form of my way or the highway attitude reserved for dictarships who dictate iron clad policies regardless of the situation at hand. I find it quite offensive to think oppressed individuals have a CHOICE of living conditions based on your idea of perception. Where is justice or are you willing to put your life on the line for these unfortunate individuals like those of the prophets? If you are not willing, then STFU!

It is quite damming to those who HAVE NO CHOICE, for instance the DNA manipulated warriors who make up the majority of Earth humans with the exception of Gilmanesh. Since day one, how are they supposed to make a CHOICE to render this misdeed, answer that question?

The only “box” you so implied that I suppose to “live” in is your own narrow minded-know-it-all ignorance of the materials I presented in logical fashion, or is it too difficult for you to comprehend because your Ego and rigid “BELIEFS” prevents such thinking “outside the box” to come to a reasonable conclusion that there are forces that interact in both the positive and negative realities.

You make it sound like its okay to oppress others so long as they don’t know they are being oppressed, does it might make it right? How can you say evolution is working when some exists at the expense of others? Have you forgotten there are opposites of kings of wisdoms, those that follow creational laws and those that not?

How is evolution working in “its own way” as you put it when one side tries to suppress evolution of the truth, like what the Giza Intelligences did? If they had their way, 2/3 of Earth’s humans would have been EXTERMINATED and evolution made to serve them. Maybe you’re a reincarnation of some Giza spirit form to think that evolution is working “its own way”? This is alarming.

Maybe your “quest” is to confuse and scramble BEAM and the Plejaren’s mission by posting such “ideas” on this website for I find responding to such non-sense as frivolous and completely a waste of time and effort. So I hope others see through your false bearing and understand the reason why I’ll rather not respond further from this individual. I see no logical reason why people should continue to engage with a one-track minded entity that misconstrues other’s comments and have little regard for individuality.

Mark, I would seriously think about controlling this non-sense as it may mislead the mission of this website if that has not be already done.

--Hawaiian 09:32, 10 July 2011 (BST)