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Mark said ...

After reading many contact reports and watching many TV Series on Merlin :) and many other proclaimed heroes such as Arthur, I have now concluded that most villians like the spotlight. I find that the heroes are really never spoken of and they are in the background and really deserve the true praise of good deeds. If you read a history book there is a highly probable chance these glory seekers are of a villainous type, rather than heroic. I find it funny that people seek to be a part of history books through violence while in actuality they are the ones that have cost the most pain. I guess every country needs a tale to tell to uplift there people, but telling lies will eventually backfire.

--Mark 20:33, 17 May 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

True to that Mark, most, if not all those that really contribute to humanity, have little interest in glory or egotism "elevation". Since they are aware of the Cause and Effect relationship which has little use for such materialistic manifestations.

Power, greed and self-anointing are inseparable characteristics that insanely feeds upon the degenerates, who in turn becomes lustful for these like a drug addict that needs a higher dose of fixation each time their appetite is satisfied. A never ending cycle of degeneration until either they destroy themselves or the world and all its inhabitants as witnessed throughout the SOL and other star systems.

People are blinded by these glorifying episodes, because they have no idea of their true potentials which speaks volumes, if they only have the discipline to look inward.

--Hawaiian 21:15, 17 May 2010 (BST)