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Hawaiian 08:15, 25 December 2008 (UTC)Saving face is another degenerative factor brought about through ego stupidity and the lack of control over it. Another parameter is the lack of cultural diversity amongst people who have a narrow view of others simply because they are only of one race. Being of mixed race brings internal diversity, thus one is a composite of others and will view them with the same regard as themselves otherwise they are ignorant not only of others, but themselves as well!

Even so, based on FIGU Special Contact #38 regarding the "interconnections" between minute particles (course matter) and (fine matter), one can deduce that a mixed race individual (Earth humans) has different ancestors and are "bounded" because of this, should NOT try to save face onto others that probably come from the same SOURCE, both materialistic and spiritually.

Even so much more for those of mixed racial background, say someone of Asian, White, Brown races, thus one should really think twice about "Saving face", because it may bring negative influences to both oneself and others. We truely live in a "connected" spiritual environment whether one likes it or not, so better to treat everyone like how one likes to be treated. Salome....Aloha

Hawaiian 22:37, 11 April 2009 (UTC)Just a thought, being that it is so prevelant for oppressive people in trampling other's interal feelings, just to "save face" or re-establish their ego status. One can conclude that whenever this happens, the oppresser has "gained" self positive gratification at the expense of the oppressed, who now has to cope with this negative input in his/her material and non-material complex. This whole episode of events or equational complexes have been witnessed repeately throughout time in this DERN universe, yet the powers that can bring balance between the aggressors and those being trampled on are not utilized.

There is just too much ephasis placed on "individual" evolution and the free will concept, those in power are usually not getting involved or intervene when serious damage has occurred (when it threatens their existence). The moral of this post, is to impliment another stragety from those in power to do so. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, what not reverse the negative inputs created by the oppressor into their dreams, reversing the roles so that it has a two-fold affect. It will give the oppressor "experience" of being trampled on in the fine matter realm, so that he/she will be more "balanced" in their actions regarding the material world.

It is really unfair to expect the manipulated Earth humans to resolve all of his/her "inherited" problems by themselves without the necessary "intervention" of those in power to do so. This method will be much more appropriate and effective than some "impulses" that have proven time again to be ineffective.