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newinitiation said ...

I wonder how metaphorical or literal the epic of gilgamesh is. The strange creatures that he encounters on his adventures with enkidu and other strange sounding gods may be attributed to extraterrestrial creatures if taken literally. The story involving gilgamesh contained in the epic may be older than what our scholars propose. If gilgamesh was behind much of the legends I wonder if he has personally written any book or an account of his life anywhere under a pseudonym of his life. Someone as old as gilgamesh would definitely have gone through a lot in his life. There would be so many tales to tell. I wonder what other monumental events can be attributed to gilgamesh in our earthly history. Have the giza intelligence ever come in contact with gilgamesh. How significant a role has gilgamesh played in our history. How technologically superior is gilgamesh compared to us earthlings or has most of his knowledge been lost. How is he maintaining his citizenship status in his chosen country, his identity, the required papers, his status in the national database and so forth knowing that come every 70 or 80 years depending on when he wants to be presumed passed away he'll have to fake his dead and create a new identity. These questions are unanswerable unless our posterity has a chance to meet him one day in a more favorable setting I do hope he leaves a lasting legacy for his adopted home

--newinitiation 12:41, 13 July 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

There are countless possibilites with his shape shift capability. He could be on land or sea. I don't know if he can shift into a small bird, if so that would be interesting. It does say heavy water so maybe he is in the ocean and transformed into a whale or dolphin, hopefully not anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico. :) Extinct ahead of time due to Earth clumsiness. j/k Take care Gilgamesh and hope you have found purpose in your stay here whatever it may be.

--Mark 20:32, 13 July 2010 (BST)