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Hawaiian said ...

See Contact Note 249 (attached) for more details on pyramids, copper is best while others made of other materials can be dangerous and harmful.

Billy Well then, here's something regarding the pyramids: Someone who sells pyramids telephoned me recently. Of course I did not give him any details because of his line of work. But I also did not provide any details because pyramids are not as harmless as people on Earth generally think. It is a fact that copper is the only material which must be used for the meditation pyramids, because copper is capable of conducting electric energy, and does not generate those forces inside the pyramid that are dangerous, possibly even fatal, to human beings the way non-conductive materials do. Pyramids made from non-conductive material such as stone, man-made materials, glass, crystal and similar ones, all have a propensity within their interior that causes, at the correct location, cell tissue and other things to mummify and utensil cutting blades to change; living beings are killed by powerful forces that collect at the correct point due to the pyramid's shape. These powerful forces influence, change or kill anything located there. This does not happen with a conductive copper pyramid though. Depending on certain conditions, such as measurements, antenna and elevation, etc., some totally different, energizing forces develop within a copper pyramid. These forces then deflect the oscillations that strike the pyramid from the outside and develop into fatal forces. In order for this to happen, though, the copper pyramid must be completely enclosed and secured all the way around. For some time now a pyramid boom has been occurring in many countries and many types and sizes of pyramids are sold commercially. Isn't there a risk that dangerous things could result? Ptaah The things you mention have taken place for many years, so they are not just now beginning to occur. However, all the people who are, or were, harmed by such pyramids are not currently, nor will they ever be, aware that their ailments were caused by pyramids made from non-conductive materials. Pyramids are truly not as harmless as people on Earth assume.

--Hawaiian 22:40, 15 June 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

...........................DAMN. lol j/k I was going to utilize aluminum, but copper. Billy could make a ton of money selling custom made pyramids straight from the SSSC. I can see it now farmer UFO contactee instant millionaire through copper pyramid business. I think the world might feel that they are trying to hypnotize us will all the pyramids sold. Just make sure there is no Giza underneath your pyramid and you all will be fine. :)

--Mark 01:25, 16 June 2010 (BST)

Sarah said ...

It seems the solution is simple then, curb overpopulation, end the death penalty, and don't report on violent crimes in the media.

--Sarah 20:10, 12 December 2011 (UTC)