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Hawaiian said ...

Marianne Uehlinger today who’s past personality of (XANDAALA = The Conscientious One 13,500 yrs ago, Henock era?) who is not part of the 144,228 degenerates of the CODEX group nor now associated with any group including the inner core of SSSC 49 members.

I do notice the strength and clarity of her materials often referenced to scientific methods of observations on subjects that are often ignored or shied away because of either political/social controversy as her fine example on Homosexuality (although it is no longer available on this website). The harsh truth is often laid out in front of her audience regardless if they have the stomach to digest such “appetizers” as experience have often indicated that bad tasting medicine is often the best cure for oneself! Wonder if James will repost it?

Also, I have read some of her prior investigations on the relationship between the color of one’s aura to a scientific study on how greed are inter-related to whether one degenerate into a lower form of evolution or not.

„ Greed devours the Brain“ by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria English translation of the German original “Gier frisst Hirn” (FIGU-Bulletin No 62, December 2007) by Willem Mondria and Marianne Uehlinger Mondria Some weeks ago I bought a book with the title “Der Crash kommt – Die neue Weltwirtschaftskrise und wie Sie sich darauf vorbereiten“ (free translation: “The Crash is coming – the new world economic crises and how you can prepare yourself”) by Prof. Dr. Max Otte (ISBN 978-3-430-20001-1). His unrolling of the history of the various crashes shows me that our beautiful mother Earth accommodates a lot of “brainless” imitators and repetitive offenders — what can also be said about history in general. The book is very gripping and in a certain way also instructive, but I’m only going to elaborate on a particular point that caught my eye and which I find is absolutely true and worthwhile to examine in more detail. On page 41 in the first paragraph there is the following sentence: “The old broker wisdom ‘Greed devours the brain’ hits the nail on the head.” This saying also struck me immediately. It’s really true: “Greed devours the brain”! Of course Max Otte supports his statements with some scientific studies, as expected from a professor. Among others he describes an experiment where students were asked questions concerning financial investments while having their heads in a MRI scanner. One of the questions was whether they wanted 100 dollars now or rather 110 dollars in 4 months. The MRI scanner then showed which parts of the brain were especially active during the answering of the questions. Every time, the test subject was “greedy”, i.e. wanted the 100 dollars immediately, the cerebellum exhibited a high level of activity. In the history of evolution the cerebellum is a very old part of the brain which is also found in reptiles — one could say it contains our primary rudimentary instinct. However, those test subjects who decided for the 110 dollars in 4 months exhibited a high level of activity in the cerebrum that is used for conscious thinking.

(Now, what I am pondering about is that there are surely other individuals here on Earth who have similar personality(ies) as Marianne Uehlinger who are “independent” entities that also support the mission to rectify Earthly misfortunes due to the fact that their spiritual evolution are “geared’ in that direction which runs either parallel to the Plejaren or High Council endeavors or are influenced by higher forces that they may either know about and are not speaking of it or are not aware of such events.)

--Hawaiian 01:46, 23 August 2011 (BST)