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Doug Snead said ...

Billy: "... it has always seemed to me as if those irresponsible persons in America – who constantly cry for war, the death penalty, murder, manslaughter, and terror – see themselves as supermen but see all other people of other nations, races, and religions as subhuman creatures and as dog-people and scum."

This may seem harsh, but, as one born on a U.S. military base, as one born and bred in America, as one who has lost dear family members to the constant wars and military adventures launched by the American government, what Billy says here sounds rather accurate to me.

And yes, sadly, far too many American people consent to this power-hungry madness.

We have a saying in America - which touches on karma and sowing and reaping.

"Those chickens will come home to roost."

But we could turn things around - it is not too late. Some, many, Americans do not consent to the lying, the killing, the stealing, and the destruction. It is possible that sanity can take root, even there, and prevail.

We, Americans, do need help.

--Doug Snead 21:44, 1 November 2010 (UTC)

Jamesm said ...

Interesting. Is there also any correlation between the morally bankrupt Americans and those who consider themselves to be Republicans or are Democrats just as bad or is it wrong to stereotype Americans into those 2 political parties? I think that the political party association is probably irrelevant when it comes to moral values of Americans but it just seems to me from what I see in the news that it is the Democratic party that generally try to stop war and its the Republicans that start them. I could be totally wrong here but I'm thinking of Obama (ending Iraq War & Afghan War) and Clinton (intervened/ended Yugoslavian War) and Bush Sr and Jr (started both Iraq Wars and Afghan War).

--Jamesm 23:54, 1 November 2010 (UTC)

Doug Snead said ...

Jamesm, in the U.S. the "two main parties" seem to be a kind of a technique by which the corrupted political process there may be kept as predictable as possible.

As far as I can tell, so-called Republicans and so-called Democrats alike, with little disagreement, heartily support the many foreign military adventures that are launched in the name of the American people.

Sadly, most American adults seem to be taken in by the propaganda-river, which frames things dictated by government in a "bipartisan" way - as if agreement of those "two" parties was the same as reason, or was by definition correct, or was same as agreement by most people.

Small, so-called "third parties" in America are systematically locked out at all levels of the political process.

For example, to even get candidates on the ballot, non-Democrat/non-Republican parties (like Socialists, Libertarians... or anyone) must exhaust their budgets each election getting many thousands of signatures on petitions. That's just to get on the ballot. And there are many such things. Lip-service is paid to a free and democratic political process, but in reality America is now far from it.

Sometimes the two parties in the U.S. are sarcastically called "The War Party" - emphasizing their vast and singular agreement when it comes to empire building, war-making, and other forms of foreign military adventure.

I think the message people are intended to get is that the U.S. Democratic Party is a "peaceful party of the people" or "of the common man".

American Republicans, on the other hand, (to the rich) peddle a message they are "Pro Business". And to everyone, at the same time, Republicans also sell an interlocking message of paternal moralistic authoritarianism, with a thin veneer of hypocritical religiosity.

In truth, the American Republicans/Democrats have become two sides of the same bellicose coin.

We saw that pattern play out again in America the in last presidential elections, where political platitudes of peace (hopeful words), gave way to more of the same actions: perpetual war.

Still, I know in my heart we are capable of much better.

--Doug Snead 04:40, 2 November 2010 (UTC)