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Alive said ...

What does "look into the future" mean? It is allright, if it does not mean anything. I could accept it.

---- M -- 09:47, 30 August 2012 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Everyone’s Subconscious routinely plans for future events and often such events are presented to your material conscious during the dreaming state only if one strives to become aware of their abilities beyond the 5 basic primitive senses, that is the 6th (intuition) and 7th senses (primary telepathy)

There is a contact note that describes this process as explained by Semjase to Billy during one of her demonstrations from some technical apparatus on her ship.

--Hawaiian 21:14, 30 August 2012 (BST)

Alive said ...

You mentioned "dreaming state" for various topics. No matter what the question is, you would mention "dreaming state" in your answer.

---- M -- 08:15, 31 August 2012 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

Alive, Remember that one can “dream” in the waking meditative state and also meditate in the dreaming state as well. The waking meditation “prepares” one’s conscious to become disciplined enough so that one day he/she can also meditate in the dreaming state as well, but in a more self controlled fashion and at this point in time, a much more efficient method for Earthly humans to fully develop their innate potentials that has been suppressed for too long. Those who are already damaged by religious dogmas or delusional aspirations will never generate the necessary energy levels to go beyond the primitive stages of evolution.

“A meditative basis to the positive consciousness-bearing consists in the value that the consciousness is steered by corresponding meditative thoughts and feelings and is consciously formed.”

Notice in the last statement, Billy mentioned “is consciously formed”, the goal of meditation at least in the waking state is to “train” one’s conscious to recognized the other “potentials” we all have embedded in our higher senses beyond the primitive 5 basic senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and touch which are all “suspended” when one is in the dream state and the primary reason to also “suspend” these 5 senses during meditation.

“The fact is that the pineal gland is able to detect fine-material electromagnetic fields in a completely different frequency range, that is to say, to track and recognize them, like a sensor, and thereby receive information.” However, even in your sleep, you can “train” your material conscious to become aware of your other attributes such as the pineal gland (which is the gateway to the 7th sense of telepathy) through a process very similar to meditation in the waking state, but one must discipline themselves in remaining between the dreaming state and waking state which I called “hovering” so that the other attributes remain connected so that one’s deepest questions are often answered from a “composite” realm of parameters specifically described in FIGU Special Bulletin 038 which is rather technical in nature but can only be realized by direct experience and interaction within yourself. We can explain the process, but eventfully it is the individual who determines the outcome because only those with a balanced psyche and proper discipline of self awareness will generate the most beneficial aspects of the interaction amongst the coarse and fine material energy interchanges when the material conscious properly “influences” or initiates the processes.

You cannot order the higher senses or your subconscious to react to your conscious demands, spiritual evolution only responds to neutrally balanced slightly positive endeavors based on logical creational values presented in the proper logical format(s).

--Hawaiian 00:55, 1 September 2012 (BST)