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Alive said ...

The topics of this Contact Report are quite hard to me, so I could only make small comments here.

== Thomas is a genius. He came to the Centre only to sleep with K. Then he asked for an exception to be able to sleep with K more often. Then he asked mister Billy to give him the latest Contact Report, so he could learn the ordinal rules and subvert them, in order to be able to sleep with K without being disturbed by any duty. He even threatened Quetzal, so Quetzal would stay away from the Centre and close his eyes to the problems had been going on in the Centre, so he could calmly continue his primary activity, namely sleeping with K. Using his genial mind, Thomas had done some bad things in a way can not be imagined even by the worst villains ever lived on this planet, such as Arussem, Jehovah, Kamagol I, Kamagol II, Aruseak, and so on.

== There is almost nothing mentioned about K , so I can not say anything about her personality, psyche, material consciousness, spiritual consciousness, storagebank, and many other things.

== Erran marriage tradition belongs to Erran custom and ethiquettes, which could be very different than Terran. It is quite risky to apply the rules of Erran marriage on Earth without taking the traditional differences into account. From Erran custom's point of view, it is normal for a young man and a young woman to have an intimate relationship for 3 years without doing any sexual intercourse, while from Terran custom's, it would seem as completely abnormal.

== Quetzal's 42nd sentence seems problematic to me, so I compared the English version with the German one. I found the German version is also problematic. I gave up.

== The crown of love is a risky concept, that could make many confusions among Terran youths and lead them to the incorrect interpretation of love. They would think, if there is a crown of love, then logically there must be a kingdom of love, full of love castles, love forts, love barracks, love fields, love barns, love houses, love roads, love markets, love schools, and love museums. Things will get much worse in this solar system, when the Terran youths start to think like that.

---- M -- 21:06, 20 August 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

I think all can find love naturally but there magnetic sense as BEAM has spoken about has been damaged due to inability to process everything correctly. Interpretation or perception is the problem people have a age in mind, a salary in mind, but they neglect the natural bond that 2 can feel when they are truly in love. It's like a walk in the park with someone you just met and seem to have known them forever. Sometimes it may take a few years but sometimes those with further advanced receptors just know who they are destined to be with through there ability to feel and sense or connection. There are way too many divorces in this time because people are getting together for the wrong reasons if they listed the reasons they are together with there mates then they would find why they are either not happy or are eventually going to split. I hope our natural magnetic sense returns at full capability so one day in the future the greatest of all creations abilities is not only a visual or timely trend but accepted in a natural way. People will say it's a physical attraction or a mental attraction, if all senses were in order you can find a perfect balance for each persons unique taste in style. Love being the greatest also brings the greatest possible pain if one truly is in love. Nowadays people tend to hook up with everyone because they don't know the meaning of it at all. Our combined Terran intelligence is that of a young teenager and our approach majority wise is that way as well, a new gal in high school every few weeks. :) I think as time passes and we wisen up in all areas of our evolution we will find the true meaning for ourselves. It's best not to dictate love because it's a uncontainable feeling that is unique to each individual.

--Markvd 23:22, 20 August 2012 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

The vast majority of earth humans do not have the necessary discipline to manage their relationships which are based on wrong reasons, often selfish in nature that results in divorce and broken families including chaotic kids running wild making more babies whom they cannot take care of.

If a guy makes a kid and abandons it, then he should be castrated as not to contaminate the population again, the same goes for females.

Marriage should be like some 10 year business plan naming each step on the way with quarterly review in front of a panel to determine if future goals will be met or not. A checklist of items be scored in order to have an accurate assessment of the current situation, for example on his list, he could place negative points on her behavior such as excessive intrusions (noisy) and mother-in-law interferences. Or on her list, she could point out his picking his nose in public, then of course positive point lists are to be included.

In the end, total both scores and find a solution before continuing. That is one way of resolving many of the problems before they get out of hand, but the question remain, will most adhere to these types of self discipline methods, the unfortunate answer is probably no.

--Hawaiian 20:17, 21 August 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

If there was one thing the Creator Overlords could have done to limit or instead of killing off the altered race was to limit there birth capability to 2 kids so no matter how many women and men create a child they cannot overpopulate. Obviosly these CO's were not very intelligent in terms of strategy. Our knowledge is currently accumalated at a young teenage level so we should not mass produce an inferior thinking populace then decisions will overall be of incorrect nature such as primarily everything. A lot complain about have the choice to have a child but a majority unfortunately are incapable of raising a child properly so they can have the opportunity to succeed. I think it was a mistake to give these people total control at such a young accumulated age. I think you should only be given total free will if you reach an accumulated adult mature combined planetary age. This spells a disasterous journey for man unless they are quick learners which they are not. They enjoy there current control because no one can oppose there primitive ways. I would re evaluate this Earth's and every planet's knowledge before giving them the keys to the space shuttle launch codes. :)

--Markvd 23:37, 21 August 2012 (BST)