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robert said ...

there are any ones have christian frehner e-mail addresst anyone

--robert 21:12, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

Derrick Lee said ...

User talk:Derrick From Billy Meier Jump to: navigation, search "J.Z.Knight...Channeler of "RAMTHA"? True or false? You decide... This is a compilation of contradictions that I have compiled from the literature and or audio and video of "Ramtha" supposedly channeled by J.Z. Knight. 1. I am Ramtha: Ramtha claims that he was a human being that lived 3.500 years ago in Lummoria. Though there are no writings or evidence to support this claim of his existence by ANYONE in earth history, nor any physical evidence to support that a person by that title, "Ramtha the enlightened one" ever existed. .Let alone, led a great march and ascended his body in front of masses of people. If this were the case, wouldn't you think that someone would have documented this so called event somewhere in history? Or that they would share this amazing story and it would spread throughout the world? (such is the case with many religions of the world.) Not even a fragment of evidence can be produced to substantiate the existence of Ramtha as a person,ascended master, saint,extraterrestrial, or whatever. Death or ascension, Nothing but truth, Lawlessness of life,... These are some of the chapters in ramtha's white book that that can be disturbing if your looking to have a true cognition and find an exact answer through pure reason and logic. There is no solid answer to find or to be proven. The information doesn't stand up to normal phases of coherent reality unless there lies a "belief system" where one accepts the fact that he can't prove to "himself", or anyone else that the information is the truth, or a product of a "delusional sectarian" with money,fame, and machinations in mind. It seems to be a mish-mosh of philosophical views, poetry, personal beliefs, mixed with quantum overtones and pagonism. Throw in some music, and some wine, and claim to yourself and all, that you are a "GREAT GOD"! Ramtha even went as far as to tell his students that you can make material things appear right before your eyes if you focus hard enough. Of course J.Z. knight doesn't have to take responsibility for anything that "Ramtha" says, because she claims that "Ramtha takes over her body". But to have a "legal ministry", there must be an "Invisible God" somewhere in the equasion or picture. The whole channeling thing is disturbing because first of all, the thought of another completely "different personality or spirit enter your body", (as J.Z. claims), would mean that any life form highly advanced and far behond our evolutionary reach can , at will, and of course your "own will", can enter my body and proceed to teach us what ramtha calls "The great work". Producing solid gold in your hand from your thoughts alone.( If this were possible wouldn't you think that the Annunaki,ancient lyrians, or Plejarens would have done so to save their dying planet?

Here are a list of some of the principals taught by Ramtha : The foundation of the teachings of ramtha are what Ramtha calls "The four cornerstones of the school" which are: 1. Consciousness and energy create the nature of reality 2. Conquer yourself  3.Make known the unknown  4. behold God. Other teachings are... You are God , Manifesting from thought into matter, Nothing but truth, Death or ascension ,there is no bad or good just "isness", the lawlessness of life, and many more. These are just a few of the many subjects taught by ramtha that would be floating around in my consciousness for many years. The ramtha school considers itself a progressive school and requires all students to be current which means that if you haven't gone to the school in a matter of three months or so, you have to pay a beginner's rate and start all over again because Ramtha claims that to continue to receive the newest cutting edge spiritual knowledge given, "you must remain current". If this requirement is not met the student must attend a beginner retreat to become current again and again and again in many cases that I have seen first hand. I have also seen individuals neglect their normal resposabilities just to become current with fear that they cannot attend upcoming events unless they "stay in school".
 Ramtha says that he is from the "Plejares",  a star cluster located within the constellation of Taurus.  It is difficult to exactly describe the full body of what is taught in the ramtha school because of the way that the information is presented in a non-chronological order. ( (without a chronological order) it is more difficult to pin point the ramtha information and research it to the finest degree and find the consistency with "the truth" according to "this reality" that we are physically bound to here on Earth and have only just begun to understand in a quantum level. However Ramtha claims that natural laws such as the "lawlessness of life, (A chapter in ramtha's white book) and other teachings containing key information don't apply to natural laws. They call eachother gods and masters in the school but seemingly fail to recognise "the truth" but say that everyone creates their own truth. This is a mind screw because then people start disregarding the fundamental truth and start treating each other with disrespect and act and think in a self serving, selfish manner. I could go on and on but I do think that over 25 years of going nowhere within the so called ramtha teachings was enough for me.

By Derrick Lee Salome  

--Derrick 22:39, 20 February 2011 (UTC)

Derrick said ...

We the people

By Derrick Lee   We maintain our daily lives with entertainment and distractions from our true responsibilities to ourselves, our world, and our fellow man. There are many things we can do to change our world for the better However, we don't take the initiative.

We deplete the earth of it's natural resources to the point of no return as our population is grown out of control along with our dependency on fossil fuels with no short term or long term resolution in sight. There are many things that we can do, but the train keeps rolling ever faster.

We rape the oceans of it's inhabitances and it's natural resources and slaughter life forms for pleasure in the most degrading manner. There are many things that we can do about it but we don't all live by an ocean, nor could we go without a tuna sandwich or shark fin soup.

We promote sports stars as heroes while scientists lack funds to further breakthrough scientific research and developments that would greatly benefit the world and human kind. There are many things that we can do about it but we would rather watch a good boxing match than think about all of that boring science stuff.

We turn the reality of extraterrestrial beings/life forms into evil monstrous interpretations that are coming down from the sky in a blaze to take over the world (as hollywood portrays) and have the audacity and arrogance to ignorantly assume that "we" are the only intelligent life form in the universe. There are many things that we can do to learn the truth about it but most of us are not open to the possibility and don't take the time to research the truth for ourselves.

We create unnecessary dramas with our family, friends and neighbors. We have the capacity of great peace and love and there are many things we can do to change, but it's always the other guys fault.

We pray humbly to our invisible god for help when a crises occurs. There never comes a clear answer from this god, yet we continue to pray and beg and have faith in gods, religions and idols to take the burden from our hands. There are many things that we can do to further develop our consciousness, (spirit) however we let our god bear the responsibility for OUR actions thereby excluding our own cognitions , spiritual realizations, reasoning and logic and the natural unity of ourselves with life and nature.

We say that we love our partner, as we look out of the corner of our eyes for the next best thing. there are many ways to avoid these situations and love one another with honor but what he or she" won't know, won't hurt them" and the relationship wasn't about truth in the first place anyway. only sex and material advancement, and a need to subdue our loneliness.

We lie and tell untruths on a daily basis. There is one way to correct this but "they" don't know I'm lying any way.

We steal and rob oneanother and anyone else because we think we can get away with it and we justify it in our mind for whatever reason we choose. There is one way for us to correct this but even if "WE" don't change through being jailed, natural laws will come into play and we will learn the hard way because we have a habit of not learning lessons until it's too late.

We murder and rape men, woman and children for whatever twisted reason we have or don't have. There are many ways to end that madness and evil but even if "WE" don't change through being jailed, natural laws will come into play and we will learn the hard way because we have a habit of not learning lessons until it's too late.     We have the ability to sore to great heights in our dreams and consciousness related abilities. We can create beautiful things that have true value and bring progress, truth and evolution to our world and eachother but it's solely up to... We the people.

By Derrick Lee

--Derrick 20:57, 26 July 2011 (BST)