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Jamesm 17:46, 13 October 2009 (UTC) Hi Sanjin. Thanks for posting this translation. What do the two "[1]" links refer to, please?

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The word overlooking has two opposite meanings, so it is supposed to display the exact meaning of the word. Similar reason for the other references.

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Hawaiian 08:52, 3 February 2010 (UTC)Arahat Athersata:

4. As first he is obliged (responsible) to the task of preserving his life for the duration of his developmentally given time; as second, he has to pay heed to the fulfillment of the duty, to further develop himself spiritually and consciously in the best possible way and to acknowledge the spiritual evolution as an important truth.

The Arahat Athersata acknowledges that humans should preserve their “developmentally” given time, but does he or she mean “natural life cycle”? If they are referring to Earth human’s natural life cycle of 350-450 years, then the second part of this #4 quote is a contradiction of the first part, since Earth human’s ageing gene has been manipulated by the Creator Overlords and shorten to 100 years.

Therefore, Earth humans can be technically considered as exploited “suicidal” beings deprived of the necessary life span to develop their spiritual evolution. But at the same time these Creator Overlords have not taken responsibility for this degeneration and benefited at our expense?

• The Laws and Directives of Creation ... ll life forms, not killing in degeneration, (which includes not committing suicide), learning from mistakes rather than condemning them, taking responsibility ... 17 KB (2863 words) - 23:08, 3 May 2009 Here again, according to Creational Laws and Directives provides support for life forms “not committing suicides”. Therefore can one party responsible for this degeneration be excused, while the other is bound to these Laws and Directives?

Billy Meier:

“Even if the human commits suicide, she/he does not possess any power over it, for by the self killing (suicide) she/he avoids only the real time, which is fixed by Death.” Again, BEAM comments about self-killing as depriving one’s real time through acts called suicide and time fixed by Death or in Earth human’s case…an “un-natural” Uncreational Death fixed at 100 years instead of 350-450 years. Truly if considered valid, a severe exponentially handicap of several life cycles and (un-necessary re-incarnations) to also include depriving of one’s “potentials”.

Thus, the “equational potentials” are out-of-balance for those that benefited and those who are the victims of exploitation by others.

--Sanjin 02:00, 7 February 2010 (UTC)----Hi Hawaiian. As far as I understand it, the sentence tells you as an individual (and also everyone else as an individual) to preserve your own life as long as it has potential to develop. You and me don't really have much control over our shortened life cycles, but we can still do our best to prolong our lives with different means, like living healthy, observing precaution for anything that can endanger our lives, and also not committing suicide. If someone else cuts it short while we did our best to preserve it, then it is not our fault.

The German Word is entwicklungsmässig, which best translates to "everything that relates to development" or "development-related", but I think that "developmentally" preserves the same meaning and also makes it readable.

It is a debatable issue, especially about people who end up living connected to wires in a hospital. Can we consider them as still having a potential to develop in their consciousness or not?

Hawaiian 22:38, 7 February 2010 (UTC)Aloha Sanjin…first of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you and others in translating Billy Meier’s German language Contact Notes into English. I’m sure others handicapped with speaking English only like myself would agree and appreciate the Discussion Notes, even though the primary mission of the website author is to present the Notes in English for all to see.

Now to answer several questions and concerns you brought out regarding the shorten life cycles of Earth humans and others who suffer this most uncreational misdeeds requires more than just one prospective, from a wholistic comprehension when this manipulation started, to its Cause and Effect criteria, the inter-connections as described in Contact Note 38, 251, Fluidal energies, re-incarnation process and most importantly, the “Equational Potentials” that I have coined.

Like similar conceptional descriptions within the Creational Laws, it talks about the positive/negative balance where harmony exists between both, if one speaks purely about a sanitized Creational environment. One needs to picture a diagram, depicting a balance scale where both ends of the positive/negative forces are in equilibrium, and then yes Creational laws are valid. However, Creational Laws are not 100 percent “chiseled in stone” and unweilding to change or adjustment, otherwise there leaves no room for further evolution for not just physical beings, but those that continue into the Absolute Absolutism as well.

But that certainly has not been the case for the manipulated DNA warriors who are now the predecessors in Earth humans along with various former ET’s, both malevolent and benevolent re-incarnated spirits as well, inter-connected in more ways than one to include BEAM with the oldest spirit of Nokodemjon, yet he too suffers from this DNA ageing defect preventing the spirit a “normal” life cycle of 350-450 years to 100 years, a “suicidal” defect created by the very people Nokodemjon himself created, yet the technology exists to correct this from those that speak so highly of Creational Laws stand by idly while generations are severely handicapped in evolutionary development.

Billy Meier would certainly reject such a proposal, but since he represents all, both sides of the coin, then maybe that’s the most logical solution for others to follow. Certainly the other malevolent ET’s have benefited from such uncreational negative “endeavors”, now how about bringing balance into the Equational potentials so that harmony are reset accordingly. The Plejarens themselves have almost killed BEAM for unreasonable demmands in their mission, which was verified by Quetzal when he programmed two androids to represent BEAM and his inner circle of followers. Thus, Billy may not have truly recovered?

There are re-incarnated spirits who want to amend their past crimes and are more than willing to lead Earth humans out of this black hole of degeneration, those currently in power are destined for destruction, we should endeavor our positive energies on those that will make a difference and not be locked into Predictions and not willing to adjust or change for the better, which includes those that could have made a difference, but have evolved into higher evolution.

The best “answer” I can deliver, (at least for now), is for one to study both the Discussion tabs and Contact Notes 38, 251, Fluidal Energy, Power, Cause and Effect, then make you own decisions, since we all are learning and evolving at the same time. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to summarize this in one package for easy interpretation for others to decide to add or adjust.

--Sanjin 04:17, 14 February 2010 (UTC)Hi. Are you actually from Hawaii?

Just from memory, I think that the creational laws are "chiseled in stone" for the whole Great Time. The laws and recommendations may adjust only after all the spirits are merged with the Creation and processed through the sleeping stage of the Creation. The newly evolved laws and recommendations are enforced only on the following appearance of the Creation. The fundamental laws are not altered, since they are inherited from the higher spiritual levels, from the Absolutum forms. Love is the definitely of them, as it is the fundamental law of all existance.

Unfortuately, I have not studied Contact 251 to provide further comments on the topic, but I'd like to know where you read about the programmed androids.

And oh yeah, most of the credit goes to Benjamin and the Gaiaguys. I try to verify the validity of the translation, so that people are not mislead unnecessary with incorrect translation, as that is my forte. This translation here is the only one I have done by now.


Aloha Sanjin,

The experiment Quetzal programmed on two androids is described by Semjase on Contact Note 137. It starts from line # 35 to # 50 in which the first android programmed with Billy’s attributes got a system overload and burned up trying to bring reason to the other illogical android, which was programmed to represent BEAM inner core members.

This other illogical programmed android blew itself up on the planet Pluto.

One day I’ll attempt to piece together the reasons why I believe Creational Laws are not “chiseled in stone”, simply for the fact that Nokodemjon has laid down the foundation for other intelligent beings to “inter-connect” optionally besides the normal evolutionary processes of long active and sleep slumbers.

Unfortunately I can only attempt this on the English translations, since that is the only language I’m familiar with. However there appears enough to stir the mind for further investigations by others more proficient in German or spiritually aware to “inter-connect” and evolve it further in their frames of mind.

Billy Billy Nevertheless, that is not so bad. Das ist doch nicht so schlimm. But I don’t think it was nice of Quetzal that he abused an android for this. Aber ich finde es nicht gerade schön von Quetzal, dass er einen Androiden dafür missbrauchte

. Semjase Semjase 35. He developed his apparatus for this purpose; in addition, you do not understand the whole scope of the experiment