Slavery in the United States

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Billy did not deal with the topic of slavery in the United States.[1]

  • If an individual is taking, owning and treating a fellow-human being as a slave. The matter of fact of the situation is that the practice is extremely mean, vile and reprehensible etc.[2]
  • For a slave it does not matter at all whether his/her 'owner' has a white, brown, black, yellow, blue or green skin, its an inconsequential detail. The behaviour is still extremely mean, vile and reprehensible etc.[3]

  • An example of an irrelevent discussion would be about who was the first individual to declare ownership over a slave because its an inconsequential detail.[4]
  • Probably worth pondering the motives behind wanting to know a detail such as who was the first etc, because it is reasonably obvious that we cannot measure things so accurately, such as the first instance of something. But slavery of the Egyption pyramid builders enters clearly into popular culture [even if this may not be entirely accurate], so we can call thousands and thousand of years on human slavery.[5]

Anti-modern slavery

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  • No slavery is not acceptable. Even in nations with thin or weaker leglislation, its still not usually acceptable, even though instances of official tollerance of it exist in some nations.
  • Discussion on 'modern slavery' enters into popular media coverage and conversation today. New anti-slavery court powers to add onto the existing range of powers designed specially to nip any derivative form of slavery in the bud. With the modern migrations from various areas of the world which have not as yet been through the motions together of how to and not to treat other and eachother. The legitimate valid concern from ongoing cases is that gangsters, criminals etc. have been Human trafficking, the behaviour is called Human trafficking, for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or some other exploitation. As the behaviour occurs behind closed doors, and with secrecy, new legislative powers, anti-slavery powers are required so that local law enforcement officers can be more thorough if they obtain evidence that this is occuring behind closed doors, so that they can investigate it. As we know however, we each individually have the liberty to a private life, so ofcourse this is how the practice of modern slavery occurs, because authorities as a rule leave us to get on with our lives in private. This applies to everyone, a right to a private life, so much so that if there are instances of modern slavery then it is difficult for authorities to know about it obviously, because we all have the right to close our doors and have privacy, so they rely on individuals coming forward with reliable evidence or an actual case of that the practice is occuring behind closed doors, and they'll then investigate it.
  • Contacting someone anyone about it is almost guaranteed to lead to full resolution of itself within the shortest time, at the present day time. Because its really prevalently seen as wrong today, all over the world, you also have various international rights as a human of Earth, even if they are not advertised properly.
  • It is taken very seriously yeah, google it.

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