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TO : People of Earth,

Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates.

The Earth's population is plagued by famines, energy shortages, epidemics, environmental pollution, degeneration, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of waste materials, racial hatred, food shortages, destruction of rain forests, the "greenhouse effect", pollution of lakes, streams and oceans, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive emissions, chemical pollution of water, air, plants, food, human beings and animals. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, oppression, hatred of one's fellowman, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, annihilation of animal species, war, violence, torture and capital punishment, general mismanagement, water contamination, eradication of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, lack of logic, false humanitarianism, lack of housing, increased traffic, destruction of arable land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of nature, the collapse of solid waste removal, and the lack of living space, among others. In spite of the many efforts, mankind's problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to population increases.

Mankind's horrendous ills originate from and exist through overpopulation with its unrelenting, irresponsibly continuing escalation. The situation dictates that any ill can only be fought and remedied by grasping it by its roots, ripping it out and destroying it: The numbers of terrestrial humankind must be drastically reduced. The only humane method by which this reduction goal can be achieved, is through stringent birth control regulations that permit married couples, of a predetermined age, to have only a strictly specified number of children. This regulation must prevail over any excuse, argument, fear and/or stupid comment from those numbskulls who claim, for military, religious, social, egoistical, false humanitarian reasons, or those of false charity, that a large number of offspring is necessary, or that birth control is contrary to religious beliefs and is inhumane, etc. These inane claims are made singularly by rigid egotists, sectarians or people unfit to live those who have not the faintest idea of nature's laws, directives or truthful logic.

With a current population of about 8.4 billion terrestrial inhabitants (2014)[1], the Earth is far beyond its capability to support and feed such a mass routinely, on a fundamental, natural and healthy basis. A basis, where neither human effort and intrusion into nature, the raping of nature nor the exploitation of its resources to produce more food need occur; and where no one need suffer from hunger. The truth is that Earth is a wondrous planet, but it has only the capacity to support and feed in every way and in abundance 529 million people. Mankind, on the other hand, has generated a gigantic, excessive population, and is now forced to spur all vegetable and fruit production to atypical, extreme achievements through the use of chemicals and hybrids. As though this were not enough, the exploitation of the planet has accelerated dramatically, including the expansion in recovery of raw materials from the earth, and the unrelentingly rising demand from the Earth for all types of other materials a direct result of the growing overpopulation. No one mentions the destruction of arable land due to this madness called overpopulation; no one speaks of the use of toxic chemicals nor of the expansion of housing areas and the like. Food for human consumption is laden with chemical additives and consists these days largely of artificially produced chemicals also a fact that is not mentioned.

Overpopulation brings with it ethnic problems as well. Indeed, it actually induces them. It precipitates migration, war, bloodshed and murder. As a result of the world population's continuing growth, people are squeezed together ever closer, and the space for each person becomes ever smaller and more restricted. For this reason can situations not be avoided whereby inhabitants of various countries, tribes, religions, convictions, opinions, philosophies and outlooks increasingly crowd together only to infringe upon each other's personal space. Without fail, this type of close contact leads to friction, differences of opinion and arguments. These issues, in turn, automatically generate war, bloodshed, murder and migration. The migration issue alone leads to even more excessive, vicious, worldwide problems. For example, refugees do not simply leave their familiar homesteads merely to seek new ones within their own country. Instead, they flee to foreign lands and often to countries that are financially and economically more prosperous than their own homelands. So it transpires that thousands, tens of thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands, even millions of refugees abruptly flee their homelands and swarm into foreign, more prosperous nations. In turn, these nations become swamped with foreigners, causing almost insurmountable problems. Countries that accept these refugees are forced to expend billions of dollars that are paid for by the "host nation's" industrious inhabitants through hard-earned funds from horrendous taxes.

Terrestrial mankind's existing major problems can only be resolved through a purposeful birth control program, by which the population is reduced to an optimum level, and scaled according to the planet. All other problem-solving measures present trite, singularly miserable, pitiful and useless attempts that barely amount to the proverbial drop in the bucket. Such problem-solving attempts only serve instead to increase all ills and difficulties even further.

Is population control barbaric, inhumane and uncharitable? No! On the contrary, for it is only when a person begins to ponder these facts logically if he or she has not done so already and come to the same truthful conclusions that he or she finds the truth coinciding with the aforementioned argument. Only illogically thinking people, who cling to false charity and false humanitarianism, deny the truth. Such people are forced into this rut by sectarian machinations and false teachings, which cause them to grovel like dogs and rob them of all healthy, reasonable, normal and truthful thoughts, feelings and actions. In this manner they are dominated purely by pity, self-pity, feeblemindedness and illogic, in place of feelings of empathy for all life forms. Respect for and toward true life is ultimately destroyed by the illogical thinkers, who pave the way for false humanitarianism and false charity that turn into purulent boils capable of spreading as epidemics.

Is it brutal and inhumane when the laws and directives of nature are followed? No. However, it is brutal, inhumane and uncharitable when mankind continues to cling to overpopulation, indeed even promotes it, regardless of the circumstances and consequences, in order that millions and millions of new children can be procreated. By failing to enact stringent birth control measures for sectarian reasons and feebleminded sentimentality, man precipitates all misery and problems that will eventually become even greater and more difficult to combat, and where finally no solution or salvation will be feasible.

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Required Worldwide Measures

This is just one possibility among many!

These measures apply to everyone on Earth except for some small, native bush tribes, who have practiced their own form of stringent birth control measures since time immemorial.

Minimum age for marriage

  • Female: 25 years
  • Male: 30 years

Minimum age to produce offspring

  • Female: 28 years
  • Male: 33 years

Criteria for procreating

  • An existing marriage of at least 3 years
  • Proof of a healthy, harmonious marriage
  • Proof of irreproachable conduct of the marriage partners
  • Proof of ability to raise children
  • Proof of health no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol, etc.
  • No affiliation with extremist or subversive groups

Maximum number of children

  • 3 children per marriage

Birth control intervals

7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission)
7 years worldwide, total ban against births
1 year procreation consent (with permission ) to be carried out in this manner until the world's population has reached a diminished and normal level of 529,000,000

Subsequently: Measures concerning the permission to marry and procreate remain in force, but the 7-year cycle of birthrate check is omitted.

To remain in force

  • 3 children per marriage (or 3 foster/adopted children)

Penalties for violations

  1. Fines equivalent to 10 annual salaries for both offenders
  2. Compulsory sterilization of both offenders
  3. Compulsory sterilization of offenders involving assault or rape, etc. The offenders are segregated from society and by gender for life
  4. The offenders' children are taken away from the parents and raised by the state through foster/adoptive parents

Brutal and inhuman

What is more brutal, inhuman, and hostile to one's fellowman and life?

  1. A world overpopulated by human beings, where hunger and misery, privation and brutal deaths reign; where wars, murder and bloodshed, fraud, torture and capital punishment occur daily, along with rape, crime, hatred, epidemics and destruction, vice and addiction; where hatred against all life, and extremism, lies, deceit and degeneration prevail; where millions of people perish daily, suffering horrendous pain, or succumbing to wretched deaths through torture at the hands of their tormentors and executioners, and from hunger and misery
  2. A world with a population of average proportions, where all ills, problems and misery become relatively small and normal. A world that is not ruled by hunger and misery. A world in which the fear of war, and all evil, are reduced to the point where the likelihood of a world-unifying peace is actually feasible. This condition would bring about an end to the constant fear of the future and would pave the way to a life of love, logic and reason, among others.

Why don't you reflect on what kind of world you would like to live in. Does genuine, sincere humanitarianism, love, charity and truth not surpass all false humanitarianism, false charity and lies? Above all ask yourself: "In what type of world do I want my children and my children's children to live?"


Earth Population Growth Chart

According to a major study conducted by FIGU, the following growth of Earth's population has taken place and increases by the day as follows:

Development of Population Growth on Earth (during the last 2004 years)
Period First Year Last Year Growth/Total
1-500 102,465,703 198,847,080 96,381,377
501-1000 198,847,080 293,408,074 94,560,994
1001-1300 293,408,074 374,079,611 80,671,537
1301-1500 374,079,611 406,100,043 32,020,432
1501-1600 406,100,043 463,618,432 57,518,389
1601-1700 463,618,432 536,718,004 73,099,572
1701-1800 536,718,004 892,333,410 355,615,406
1801-1900 892,333,410 1,660,990,034 768,656,624
1901-1905 1,660,990,034 1,689,987,973 28,997,939
1906-1910 1,689,987,973 1,810,900,001 120,912,028
1911-1915 1,810,900,001 1,844,760,039 33,860,038
1916-1920 1,844,760,039 1,912,000,432 67,240,393
1921-1925 1,912,000,432 2,008,401,932 96,401,500
1926-1930 2,008,401,932 2,207,034,890 198,632,958
1931-1935 2,207,034,890 2,350,481,002 143,446,112
1936-1940 2,350,481,002 2,400,389,101 49,908,099
1941-1945 2,400,389,101 2,550,108,498 149,719,397
1946-1950 2,550,108,498 2,600,047,000 49,938,502
1951-1955 2,600,047,000 2,784,382,444 184,335,444
1956-1960 2,784,382,444 3,050,382,081 265,999,637
1961-1963 3,050,382,081 3,250,798,000 200,415,919
1964-1966 3,250,798,000 3,500,100,000 249,302,000
1967-1969 3,500,100,000 3,700,641,801 200,541,801
1970-1972 3,700,641,801 3,783,847,320 83,205,519
1973-1975 3,783,847,320 3,889,992,910 106,145,590
1976-1978 3,889,992,910 4,090,799,983 200,807,073
1979-1981 4,090,799,983 4,604,031,892 513,231,909
1982-1984 4,604,031,892 4,800,411,000 196,379,108
1985-1987 4,800,411,000 5,149,979,380 349,568,380
1988-1990 5,149,979,380 5,367,887,093 217,907,713
1991-1993 5,367,887,093 5,876,884,097 508,997,004
1994-1996 5,876,884,097 6,204,008,014 327,123,917
1997-1999 6,204,008,014 6,634,101,302 430,093,288
2000-2002 6,634,101,302 6,905,000,109 270,898,807
2003-2005 6,905,000,109 7,503,846,002 598,845,893

Growth of Earth's Population (per year, day, hour and second)
Period Duration (years) Growth/Total Per Year Per Day Per Hour Per Second
1-500 500 96,381,377 192,763 528 22 0.01
501-1000 500 94,560,994 189,122 518 22 0.01
1001-1300 300 80,671,537 268,905 737 31 0.01
1301-1500 200 32,020,432 160,102 439 18 0.01
1501-1600 100 57,518,389 575,184 1,576 66 0.02
1601-1700 100 73,099,572 730,996 2,003 83 0.02
1701-1800 100 355,615,406 3,556,154 9,743 406 0.11
1801-1900 100 768,656,624 7,686,566 21,059 877 0.24
1901-1905 5 28,997,939 5,799,588 15,889 662 0.18
1906-1910 5 120,912,028 24,182,406 66,253 2,761 0.77
1911-1915 5 33,860,038 6,772,008 18,553 773 0.21
1916-1920 5 67,240,393 13,448,079 36,844 1,535 0.43
1921-1925 5 96,401,500 19,280,300 52,823 2,201 0.61
1926-1930 5 198,632,958 39,726,592 108,840 4,535 1.26
1931-1935 5 143,446,112 28,689,222 78,601 3,275 0.91
1936-1940 5 49,908,099 9,981,620 27,347 1,139 0.32
1941-1945 5 149,719,397 29,943,879 82,038 3,418 0.95
1946-1950 5 49,938,502 9,987,700 27,364 1,140 0.32
1951-1955 5 184,335,444 36,867,089 101,006 4,209 1.17
1956-1960 5 265,999,637 53,199,927 145,753 6,073 1.69
1961-1963 3 200,415,919 66,805,306 183,028 7,626 2.12
1964-1966 3 249,302,000 83,100,667 227,673 9,486 2.64
1967-1969 3 200,541,801 66,847,267 183,143 7,631 2.12
1970-1972 3 83,205,519 27,735,173 75,987 3,166 0.88
1973-1975 3 106,145,590 35,381,863 96,937 4,039 1.12
1976-1978 3 200,807,073 66,935,691 183,385 7,641 2.12
1979-1981 3 513,231,909 171,077,303 468,705 19,529 5.42
1982-1984 3 196,379,108 65,459,703 179,342 7,473 2.08
1985-1987 3 349,568,380 116,522,793 319,241 13,302 3.69
1988-1990 3 217,907,713 72,635,904 199,002 8,292 2.3
1991-1993 3 508,997,004 169,665,668 464,837 19,368 5.38
1994-1996 3 327,123,917 109,041,306 298,743 12,448 3.46
1997-1999 3 430,093,288 143,364,429 392,779 16,366 4.55
2000-2002 3 270,898,807 90,299,602 247,396 10,308 2.86
2003-2005 3 598,845,893 199,615,298 546,891 22,787 6.33


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