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Nostradamus is not in the Nokodemion lineage, nor is Karl Marx.[1]

Was Nostradamus in contact with extraterrestrials?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Was the man known as Nostradamus ever in contact with any type of ET intelligence? Is the spirit form of Nostramdamus alive in another personality today?

Thank you
Scott B.

ANSWER: Billy doesn't know.[2]

Nostradamus in the Contact Reports

Contact Report 165

"I've tried to bring some reason among the human beings in this regard, but the newspapers and magazines, etc. have neither noted nor published my articles. They just can’t make any money with the truth, which is why they only set forth senseless and false prophetic nonsense of pseudo astrologers, pseudo clairvoyants, and other charlatans and conjurers, whereby they also still mistakenly involve Nostradamus among and with these and maintain that he already prophesied the same nonsense even then, even though not a word of this is true and his gloomy prophecies that include planetary phenomena relate to completely different events, which still lie far in the future. But over and over again, these twits and would-be experts of Nostradamus’ prophecies appear, who then claim that they have found the key to unraveling his prophecies, particularly because certain events of the world are repeated again and again, and so then, these lunatics are misled to accept that a prophecy had been devised for such an event. This is best seen with the events of Napoleon’s time, with the events of the First and Second World War, and with the running time since then. Nevertheless, every possible and impossible prophecy of Nostradamus is actually pressed into these events, even though they don’t describe these incidents at all and these are to be found in other centuries. But the cunning fraudsters make millions with this and become stinking rich through this. It really is a shame, and indeed, a rather damned one."

Contact Report 214

" sectarian circles, this will probably again be an occasion to make a doomsday scenario, as this will certainly also be the case with the solar eclipse appearing in Europe on the 11th of August, 1999, about which even Nostradamus has written, but which is misunderstood, unfortunately."

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