An Artistic impression of someone levitating as a result of the block of mentality's mental fluidal powers.

Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness") means the subjective, unaided lifting - which can be experienced - of the weight of the body, and the floating of the body, in space, and, indeed, solely as a result of the block of mentality's mental fluidal powers.[1]

Claims of Levitation

Many mediums have claimed to have levitated during séances, especially in the 19th century in Britain and America. Many have been shown to be frauds, using wires and stage magic tricks. Daniel Dunglas Home the most prolific and well documented levitator of himself and other objects, was said by spiritualists to levitate outside of a window, however, skeptics have disputed such claims. The researchers Joseph McCabe and Trevor H. Hall exposed the "levitation" of Home as nothing more than him moving across a connecting ledge between two iron balconies.[2]

Forget about it - and that includes pyrokinesis or actually just forget about any consciousness or unconsciouss abilities, forget about all of them - at best any of these subjects should be out of the public sphere at any level, here's why

It is highly recommendable to completely forget about the concept as the current times social system, our races evolution meaning specific brain development as well as socially normal behaviour, supported attitude cultural frameworks which might fortify a concentration on brain faculty devlopment etc etc, does not support it on any level with the smaller exception of science fiction literature, fantasy screenplay, mythology, general low value everyday derogatory banter. Our languages general everyday use does not support assessing any of the connected facts and our need to work vigorously everyday to gain an income in order to exist at a future projected sustainable level does not allow us the time in order to develop any of the necessary brain faculty but that would not matter anyway because our relatively short lives of under 100 years does not allow us the time in order to begin to develop the kind of genetic gene DNA compositional properties that our distant descendants might further develop and further develop even further until over and evolutionary period of time those kinds of abilities might become at a more fine sensitive intuitive level whereby with our fine sensitive abilities control that ability to levitate on some level from an early age during those crutial development years and retain those abilities culturally meaning universally together whereby a smaller form of competition and seeking further progress together comes about and a socially stable platform might be established without envy, prejudice, disadvantage etc, all those things that essentially stunts any further development. Even given all that a suitable language and generally held values would have to be mostly universally held so that the concentration could be maintained. There may well be minor incidences where individuals have developed their the necessary faculties of their brain in isolation or as part of a cult or philosophical framework And have levitated objects or perhaps even themselves in isolated incidences, but these abilities are not compatible with showmanship, stage performance and any of these types of situations where a whole variety bunch of individuals all thinking different things try to unify with one another and end up with the materialistiic value level and end up attacking the individual on one level or another breaking the concentration or destroying the types of thought patterns necessary to maintain a control over these forces, intrigues, needing to be entertained and never having experienced any form of civilisation in any past life etc. So just forget about it unless your in absolute isolation and you certainly wouldn't be reading this if you were. It's related to consciousness and it's been proven over and over and over again during the last centuries that it's genuinely only a bunch of individuals on the whole planet who are capable of doing anything particularly special with their consciousness related abilities and in those small handful of cases it's very rare and special cases where some how or another they made a bunch of decisions in isolation, developed or retained some fine sensitive perception and conditions were appropriate enough to further develop something, that is to say clearly that in groups or in public or in stage shows or in the street or on any level you probably know about the consciousness is not defined enough and considerably lacking on most levels to be able to do anything well, and then if it is achieved, as and when anything is achieved then we it defaults to materialistic values and a whole variety of stuff gets in the way all sorts of values get in the way.

Don't bother, forget about it. Your welcome to disagree, but we can all see clearly how the planet is administrated which is what leads us into the clearly definable future now that is in place, and with overpopulation being a thing we will live with adopt and exist with now, if you do not want to severely disadvantage yourself on this particular world it is highly recommendable to strongly focus on accumulating as much money as you possibly can while you can or you easily risk the future of your family and your whole community may be laid to waste if you fail to pay on time, and the reason it's strongly advised in this way that you neglect these consciousness related abilities is because they are not commercially or economically viable and you place yourself at an economic disadvantage by owning any of these skills as well as will be outcast from your community may even become unemployable if your too conscious, and if your show anyone that you know anything that they cannot even begin to understand you may well be treated like a zoo animal by your community, you may have to relocate your family and if you become widely enough known for special abilities you will be unable to confidently proceed with your life normally because many individuals will come out of the woodwork to tell you how they dislike the knowledge and they will want to prove to you using manipulation and deception how they maintain theyre position and own the knowledge that they own and that they will try to justify they're interpretation of the facts, any of the facts.

Be very careful to note that all public speakers who talk about this information from this source almost always omit the consciousness related abilities, and that all arguments for the 'Meier case' are only materialist examples, they are smart to entertain they're audience at this level because they know about the backlash they receive each and every time. There are many people on earth and most of them have never experienced civilisation in a past life and if they did then it was not a long enough course of development in order for reason to have permeated at a stable evolutionary long term ongoing state. If you don't like the situation spend that same amount of time on beamship science and design so that at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel, because an evolutionary state lasts a million years and this world humans cannot tolerate any information like this openly and in public and even by the end of the millennium there will only be a handful of fine material scientists but even of this case of a small number this will not represent an economic market, nor will it demonstrate something like an overall acceptance and certainly will not mean that any of these consciousness possibilities could ever be widely adopted, and certainly not openly. We unite on the materialistic level.

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