Know-it-alls and wannabes terminology clarification

Know-it-all defined by Quetzal in Contact Report 179 and listed in the Contact Report Index.

  • An individuals attraction to false actions and deeds defines the term.
  • A term which can only exist if there is someone entertaining of the disparity.
  • Constrained by the assessors knowledge.
  • The term deals with evolution and therefore the standard of agreements.
  • Its a fanciful humiliating way of explaining that an individual need not know everything to evolve.
  • Its a collection and set of defining characteristic traits associated with a level of evolution, typically the lowest.
  • In terms of learning, individuals at this stage require the greatest attention, time, patience and tolerance given to them.
  • Individuals are carefully learning and recognizing the basic truths for their first time.
  • Individuals in this position lack the necessary defences to protect themselves against negative vibration impulses.
  • A vulnerability transforms itself into an enthusiasm toward false actions.
  • Illogical obstinacy, inflexibility, fleeting illogical tenacity, tenaciousness specialist format and transient ephemeral characteristics.
  • An inability to understand logical consequences and their associated actions.
  • Attraction to disharmonious musical accompaniments.
  • Failure to accurately gauge skill in others.
  • Failure to recognize their own lack of skill.
  • Failure to recognize the extent of their inadequacy.
  • Recognise and acknowledge their own lack of skill only after they are exposed to training for that skill.

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