Contact Report 020

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[Tuesday, May 20, 1975, 10:14 a.m.]

Contact person: Semjase

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The "High Council" of the Plejaren federation considers Meier mature enough to have contact with the being Arahat Athersata (which has evolved beyond the rebirth & reincarnation cycle), an exception that hasn't been granted to another in the past 2000 years; the contact with this being will result in a book which will assist Meier financially Arahat Athersata:

"No goals are achieved without troubles and sacrifices"; real prophets of the past Semjase says Meier makes "harsh & peculiar jokes" to which he responds "One has to let in fresh air"

Meier gives Semjase 2 writings to read and judge, one being a flyer he has written, and the other a birth horoscope analysis of Meier by a woman who is enslaved by religious thinking

Some group members find Meier's writing style too harsh; truth exposed by clear & directly stated facts, often with harsh words

Meier studied thoroughly by the Pleiadians/Plejaren, found to have a good intuition Semjase speaks about the character of Meier & exhorts him to be open about his abilities with others

Message From The Pleiades additional contents -- Annotation

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 1 additional contents --

Letter from Mr. P. Guggisberg, "Special Characteristic", dated May 20 & 22, 1975 2 photos