28th April 2011 - BUFORA Science Officer Thinks The Meier Case Is A Hoax

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A year ago I asked the British UFO Research Association why they didn't have any information about The Meier Case. Their science officer, Richard Conway, gave the reason that it was because they preferred to investigate British cases only. But he wrote that they would add some information when they go through their site redesign. Last week I decided to see if they've added any information about it to their website as it's been a whole year since the last correspondence. Nothing has yet been added so I reminded them of it. Richard wrote that he thought The Meier Case was like The UMMO Case and that both were probably a hoax even though he admitted to only reading one book about The Meier Case (he hasn't said which one yet) and thus risked being branded a moron. I don't think he is a moron and he seems honest and intelligent enough to grasp the truth of The Meier Case if only he has the will to take the "red pill". He also wrote that their committee would discuss adding a link at their next meeting. I suggested that they stop wasting their time on "lights in the sky" and concentrate only on CE-5 cases starting with The Meier Case of course. I'm still waiting for their response to that suggestion...

E-mail exchange between James Moore and Richard Conway

James Moore <jamesgtmoore@googlemail.com> Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 12:47 PM
To: seufos@googlemail.com, enquiries@bufora.org.uk, stheatherd77@aol.com, science@bufora.org.uk

I’m the webmaster of http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk and I’ve recently had a look at your site http://www.bufora.org.uk. I’ve been interested in the paranormal for many years and so I decided to see what you have on your site.

I discovered that you are missing information about the most significant and still ongoing UFO contactee case in history. The Billy Meier UFO case. The Roswell Crash case is like a walk in the park compared to this one! I’m quite surprised you haven’t got anything on it. Perhaps you have and I just didn’t see it. If so please point it out to me.

As you may or may not know, Eduard Albert Meier (nickname Billy) and his contactors, the Plejaren, have given us, since 1951, and still continue to give us a significant amount of data about us, our place in the universe, the universe itself and about many other things including shedding light on other UFO cases. In fact if you actually read up on the case then you would understand the level of ET visitation on Earth and the reasons for their coming here. Indeed, years ago, once I got over the fascination of shiny flying objects in our airspace, I found that the answers to my deeper questions about us and them came from Meier and continue to come and continue to be plausible.

The evidence for the authenticity of the case, both material and logical, is also undeniable. In my opinion, one would have to be a rather closed-minded individual to come to the conclusion that the case is a hoax. Of course it has had claims of a hoax being made and there are also anti-hoax claims such as falsification of photos by third parties interested in burying the case. One has to ask oneself, who would want to bury the case?

Perhaps being a scientifically-oriented organisation you could do your own analysis of the analyses already done on the physical and witness evidence which you can find on my site or at the official websites http://www.figu.org and http://www.theyfly.com

I look forward to hearing your response.


James Moore
BSc (Honours) Computing and Informatics
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Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk> Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 9:32 AM
To: James Moore <jamesgtmoore@googlemail.com>
Cc: seufos@googlemail.com, enquiries@bufora.org.uk, stheatherd77@aol.com

Hello James,

Thanks for your email.

As you should have realised by our name we are the British UFO Research Association. It's good to see that you are keeping an information repository of well-known sightings. Indeed, BUFORA has written numerous articles paraphrasing existing research into the Billy Meier case which is available via eBay through 50 years of our magazine archives. Swiss ufology is not our primary aspect of research this should be left to Swiss UFO research organisations. Our role is more the accumulation and eventual identification of British sightings through diligent investigation.

Having not researched this case at all throughout our history for the above reason it would not be expedient to copy information that you and others are publishing. There is also enough information in the public domain for this case and when we go through a site redesign we will provide a link for interested parties. With regard to a scientific analysis of physical evidence I'm not sure we can contribute much in this area and with regard to witness evidence after 35 years passing all our experience tells us that no new information can reliably be recorded after the passing of so much time.


Richard Conway
BUFORA Science Officer
Bsc/Msc (Hons) Computer Science, Bsc Physical Science, Bsc (Hons) Economics

James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com> Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 12:30 AM
To: Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk>
Cc: James Moore <jamesgtmoore@googlemail.com>, seufos@googlemail.com, enquiries@bufora.org.uk, stheatherd77@aol.com
Hi Richard,

It's been a year since our last correspondence. How have you been?

Have you gone through your site redesign yet, please? I see you still have zero references (according to Google) to the most significant "extraterrestrial contactee" case in the world.

Even though you said that BUFORA focuses primarily on British "UFO" cases (is this some internal decision because I can't find it on your website?), can you not see that ignoring the only case that makes a difference to mankind is illogical? I don't wish to anger you sir, but only to give you food for thought as you plough through ever more "lights in the sky", government denial that lead nowhere except to a dead end, and listen to speakers who drone on over the same old topics that you've already heard several times before (Tim Good, Nick Pope etc).

Let me put it another less offensive way, it's now clear that we are obviously being visited by ET, the multitude of facts from the various "UFO" cases have clearly provided logical proof of this to all except the illogical, fanatical and bigoted people of our country. We next need to provide the people with the knowledge that the Plejaren Federation have given us (20,000+ pages) on the most diverse subjects, the most important being the spirit teaching.

So have you or anyone in your team investigated or even studied the Meier Case at all? Whats your balanced opinion of it all given the material you have studied so far?

Have you seen the Swiss UFO organisation website at http://www.ovni.ch? Its rather disappointing don't you agree? They have a single dismissive "he is a charlatan" reference to Meier without even a "why" mentioned. Morons the lot of them (if there are more than one). I don't think I'd get past their already but I might have a go.

How did you manage to get so many degrees? Congratulations.

Yours honestly,


Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk> Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 8:36 AM
To: James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com>
Cc: James Moore <jamesgtmoore@googlemail.com>, "seufos@googlemail.com" <seufos@googlemail.com>, "enquiries@bufora.org.uk" <enquiries@bufora.org.uk>, "stheatherd77@aol.com" <stheatherd77@aol.com>
Hello James.

I've read through the email and whilst BUFORA doesn't really have an opinion on the case my personal opinion is that it is a hoax. As for your assessment of BUFORA being an organisation the ploughs through ever more lights in the sky, well this is just unadulterated nonsense. Feel free to read through the investigation section of the site and you'll learn and understand more about the capabilities of our investigators and their due process.

I haven't personally studied the case bar the reading of a single book but I've studied the UMMO case in depth where the parallel between the Meier case is evident. UMMO is a hoax.

As for listing degrees. I don't normally do this at the bottom of an email. I find it pretentious when people do but did it in response to your initial email. It's not academic prowess I find credible with this subject, just content, and in the case of Billy Meier I find it incredible. At the risk of being branded a moron this my opinion. Feel free to converse with members of the committee but I have a feeling you'll get a similar response.

If you wish to provide a link for the case the committee will consider this. I'm happy to provide reference material on the site since it's a part of ufological history.


Richard Conway

James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com> Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 12:11 AM
To: Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk>
Cc: "seufos@googlemail.com" <seufos@googlemail.com>, "enquiries@bufora.org.uk" <enquiries@bufora.org.uk>, "stheatherd77@aol.com" <stheatherd77@aol.com>
Hi again Richard,

So you've only read one book about the Meier case? It's good to see an admission to such a lack of knowledge, I appreciate the honesty. Which book was it, please?

Are you not interested in discovering the real truth regarding ET visitation to Earth? If you honestly and truthfully were then you would surely consider all possibilities right? You wouldn't dismiss a case based on the contents of one book when there are over 120 eye witnesses, right? With multiple forms of material and logical evidence right? That would surely be an illogical course of action. Something most well educated people like yourself prefer to avoid, I imagine.

I took your advice and read through the Investigations Diaries #19, #24 and #31 as the titles attracted me to them the most. Except from diary 19: "This problem encompasses reports of unusual lights in the sky (LITS). These account for a large percentage of all UFO reports and have to be very carefully evaluated in trying to elicit factual information from the witness." If "a large percentage" equates to "most" then LITS are what you are mostly "ploughing" through isn't it?

I did find one slightly interesting case in diary #19 though (for me that is):

Location: Carmondean, Livingston, Scotland Date: 12th October 1999 Inv. George Niedzwiedz encounters a luminous-yellow alien that scares him and his dogs. Communication attempted and failed.

What interests me are CE-5 encounters like these. Everything else is now, to me, unnecessary and a waste of time, since it's quite obvious that ET human beings are coming here for several known reasons at least: observation, exploration, agriculture, and for our education. Sceptics think not, but we know that this is because they are either bigoted, biased, closed-minded or simply uninformed (ignorant) people. Not all people are like that though. They need help from people like you and I to give them information in a structured form that they can digest it and then come to their own conclusion. Sure, most "sightings" are not ET but some obviously are. All it takes is one ET human being to visit us for ET visitation to be happening, right?

The most exciting part of Ufology, for me, is the possibility that we can learn from more advanced civilisations. Not new tech, but how to achieve peace within ourselves and live in harmony with the Earth. I'm firmly convinced that this is the best way to achieve peace on a planetary scale. BUFORA could play a role in promoting world peace by providing the information within the Meier Case to your readers/conference attenders. Information is after all, viral. Michael Horn is the American Media Rep for the Meier Contacts and is available for events. Consider inviting him at your next committee meeting, please.

So I still think that you (BUFORA) are wasting at least some of your time on "lights in the sky" and should now be focusing on CE-5 encounters only; especially The Meier CE-5 Case. In this particular case, the ETs have provided a large amount of knowledge and advice for our use. Ignoring it is madness (yes that's quite a strong word, madness but humans on Earth are quite mad when you read the news aren't they?). There is also a wealth of multiple types of evidence. BUFORA would have a field day (or decade) if they investigated the case. An investigation has already been done mind you, several times. The most comprehensive one was done by the late Wendelle Stevens (father of Ufology some say) and his colleagues back in the late 70s and 80s. But this case is still ongoing (the ETs still beam into Billy's office from time to time or he actually goes aboard their beamships, still!) so BUFORA has a chance to become the world's first sincere UFO research association (unlike them MUFON cretins across the water) and take mankind forwards in a responsible manner in your capacity as an objective and scientific investigative body. Consider that also, at your next committee meeting, please. When is that by the way?

A good hyperlink for your committee to consider having on your website is this one: http://futureofmankind.co.uk (I created this website in 2006). But FIGU is the official organisation that "handles" Meier's affairs: http://www.figu.org (I am not a member of FIGU). So both would be advisable in my opinion. Here is a description of FIGU from my website:

"In the 1970s, Billy Meier began working with other people interested in learning about his remarkable contact experiences with people from the Plejares. The knowledge he had gleaned from these contacts was written down and made available for public scrutiny. Some members of the group even witnessed the incredible phenomena themselves. Together they decided to publicise the information and formed a group they call FIGU, a German acronym that stands for Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies. In addition to publishing and distributing the documented experiences, facts and evidences of Billy's contacts, FIGU addresses many vital, worldwide issues on a daily basis. These include the crusade against overpopulation, the fight against the abuse of women and children, the protection of animals, human rights, and the struggle to save Planet Earth and its plants, animals and human life."

We (the English speaking peoples of Earth) need German translators by the way as there are many contact reports and books still only available in that language. So if you know any who are interested please kindly offer my e-mail address.

I didn't mean to be pretentious by the way. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not an ignoramus who doesn't do his homework. Hey I'm still lazy occasionally but who isn't!

Peace to you and BUFORA,

James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com> Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 12:37 AM
To: Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk>

I don't want you to think I'm spamming you. I'm only after a discussion so this will be my final e-mail unless you are interested in discussing it with me any further.

Did you know that 'The Meier Case' is still ongoing? That new events continue to occur? That means you won't have to consider just old evidence that is difficult to verify....

If you wish to ignore or overlook the most important "UFO contactee" case of the present time and possibly since the 6th century, then that is ultimately your responsibility to bear and your failure as an allegedly scientific organisation that is supposed to be totally unbiased and neutral in it's thoughts and actions in the field of Ufology. Britain is also a small country. Limiting your investigations to Britain is therefore not logical either.


James p.s. I've posted our conversation to the Internet so I'm sure many others would be interested to read your response!

Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk> Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 1:47 PM
To: James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com>
Cc: Heather Dixon <stheatherd77@aol.com>, Matt Lyons <seufos@gmail.com>
Hello James,

Quite frankly I'm not sure how I can add any value to the debate. I've looked at your website titled "BUFORA Science Officer Admits to Being a Moron" (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/28th_April_2011_-_BUFORA_%22Science_Officer%22_Admits_To_Being_A_Moron%21) and "BUFORA Science Officer Thinks the Meier Case is a Hoax". I said in my previous email "At the the risk of being branded a moron (by you)" since you blatantly called the owners of a Swiss site morons for terming Billy Meier a charlatan.

Obviously you want to bate me for sensationalist publicity (or probably just for something to write about as there are only so many times that you can paraphrase that Meier is a prophet - must be very frustrating for you to bear such as message in a world full of sceptics!) but I'm not really personally interested in the case and you really have serious misconceptions if you think my opinion on this case matters a smidgeon to anyone.

You asked in a previous email the book that I had read, which was by Gary Kinder, called Light Years but this was back in the 90s.

You also mention that the case is ongoing. In ufology every "earth shattering" case I know of is still ongoing and facts get more contorted over time so I don't get your point. Where is ANY physical evidence in this case NOW that you can apply science to - forget 30 year old photos and samples of metals - and what "science" are you asking BUFORA to apply to this case? You seem to want BUFORA to do something here but I'm not sure what.

As I said to you my knowledge of this case is weak, generally from a lack of interest in ufology but to clue myself up I read the page below; it was very compelling reading.


Rather than have a lengthy discourse on the Meier case let's cut this short and make this our last email and if you want to provide some balance on the above I'm sure the committee will be happy to publish something on our site. Please try not to rant though I can see that you have this unfortunate tendency from your blog postings.



James Moore <jamesgtmoore@gmail.com> Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 4:28 PM
To: Richard Conway <science@bufora.org.uk>
Cc: Heather Dixon <stheatherd77@aol.com>, Matt Lyons <seufos@gmail.com>
Hi Richard,

As you noticed I did initially use a sensationalist title for the blog post but then I realised the error of my ways and changed it to something neutral. So I apologise for the initial silly title and mistake.

The evidence already available is more than enough to convince anyone of "sound mind" in my opinion but there is some relatively recent evidence that you could possibly apply scientific technique to. There will undoubtedly also be some that I am not aware of that FIGU could provide upon request.

How about these suggestions?

  • Examine the car bonnet with the 7-finger acid hand prints (microscopic analysis?).

  • Examine the beamship sounds. I have already made a spectrogram analysis that proves that recent attempts to replicate them were unsuccessful.
  • Examine the other metal samples not previously analysed that are still in Meier's possession.
  • Examine recent landing sites for unusual levels of radiation, electromagnetism, visual appearance, insect and plant behaviour etc.
  • Interview witnesses to recent sightings etc.
  • Examine new photo, audio, video and other physical/material evidence they might have that I'm not aware of.
  • Submit freedom of information requests from the Swiss government regarding Meier, if they have FOI laws.

BUFORA isn't very well known perhaps but it can still provide a service to mankind by conducting a fresh investigation of this case and making it available to the public via it's own channels.

Light Years is a decent book on the case in my opinon but is a small subset of the information available via my website, untranslated books and other websites.

That link you provided was full of spin and I'd have to spend hours trying to "balance" that one which I'm not particularly keen on doing sorry. But there is an article by someone here that

If you would kindly provide a link to www.figu.org and www.futureofmankind.co.uk that would be greatly appreciated.